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Land for Sale in Bodrum, Muğla | Plots in Bodrum

You are looking for an investment opportunity? Then check out our land for sale in Bodrum, Muğla listings page for a fresh perspective. We have thousands of real estate in Turkey in our detailed listing pages and you can find the property or land that is suitable for and increase your income with a new investment opportunity.

A Historical and Touristic Marvel: Bodrum

Bodrum, which fascinates mankind with its history stretching back 7.000 years hosted so many different cultures with different names. Herodotus claims that Bodrum is founded by the Dorians but the beauty of this town kept attracting different emperors including Persians, Romans, Byzantium, and Ottomans at their armies. During their rule, each culture brought something new to the region. Like the mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the world, and Bodrum Castle, which was built from the pieces after the mausoleum was destroyed in an earthquake.

Bodrum, which was a quiet town that made its living from fishing, sponge fishing, and agriculture until 60 years ago, experienced a population explosion with the increase in the number of domestic and foreign tourists. Urbanization in the region made a new breakthrough, apartments, and houses for sale in Bodrum Mugla began to gain value, and the value of the lands for sale in Bodrum Muğla began to increase with the construction of hotels and commercial units.

Halicarnassus, which the famous historian Homer called the “Paradise of the Eternal Blues”, deserves this name to the fullest. It has a mild climate with 67 blue-flag awarded beaches, different tones of turquoise can be seen while looking at the sea from different bays across the peninsula.

Even though the town center buzzes with energy as tourists come from all over the world to soak up Bodrum’s charm, Bodrum has so much different alternative holiday opportunities for the holidaymakers. If you want a holiday with an active social life, you can buy an apartment in Bodrum Mugla for enjoying the peninsula's lively lifestyle with rich social amenities including famous restaurants, nightclubs, concerts, and shows during the night.

If you are not after such a lively lifestyle, you may want to invest in farmland for sale in Bodrum Mugla. Nature is meticulously protected in Bodrum and local municipalities are famous for their work on this issue. Therefore, a land investment in these regions on which you can build your house will greatly increase its value, even after years, the fact that the green areas around you do not decrease can pave the way for you to have a life in harmony with nature. The surrounding villages and neighborhoods around Bodrum are the focal point of holidaymakers who come to evaluate their retirement thanks to these natural living opportunities.

What to do in Bodrum?

Land for Sale in Bodrum, Muğla | Plots in BodrumBodrum is much more than just a holiday center. Tourists aside, the region hosts local and foreign retirees, prominent businessmen, and wealthy people of Turkey, which is why the local people of the region and the Turkish magazine refer to Bodrum as "Little Istanbul". People from all around the world come here to buy a property in Bodrum, Muğla for sale.

Bodrum is a city where culture and tourism are so intertwined that even the streets you walk in the center have a deep-rooted history. Seeing the Bodrum Castle, which has become the symbol of the city, and the Bodrum Underwater Museum exhibiting one of the oldest sunken ships in the world, have now become the classic first-day activities of Bodrum. Most o the Bodrum has been modernized to suit the needs of millions of tourists visiting every year, but just behind the Castle of St. Peter, there are narrow pedestrian alleyways, stone-cut and white painted buildings that feel like a postcard. This central part of the Bodrum is reserved and protected and the businesses and commercial real estate in Bodrum Mugla has to follow the same color code. You can see the pictures of world-famous faces who have come on vacation at the restaurants you choose for dinner. You can watch the performances of not only Turkish artists but also world-famous names in entertainment venues and nightclubs. The international jazz festival that takes place in September every year is just one example.

Although not much remains today, you can visit the area where the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, is located. Today it is still a very important symbol for ancient Greek architecture. Although small by Roman standards, you may want to see the fully restored Bodrum Antique Theater and participate in the activities and festivals hosting in here. While you are there, don’t forget to visit the Ancient Tombs that are very close to here. The nearby area is a great place to look for farms for sale in Bodrum, Muğla. The elevation of the region offers a breathtaking view of Bodrum, and thanks to its high location, you can enjoy a natural life in this unobstructed region.

Other than historical wonders you can visit beaches and bays in the area. The towns of Ortakent (consists of Fink beach and Stone beach), Bitez, and Turgutreis all have good beaches on offer. The entire peninsula is popular thanks to its turquoise beaches. You can search for daily boat trips offering the promised hours of sunbathing and soaking up the scenery of the turquoise sea, the rocky coast of the Bodrum Peninsula, and the tiny islets offshore with lots of swimming stops included. If you would like to make your own itinerary, you can also hire a yacht with a crew for the day privately.

Further Information

There are many different ways to invest in Bodrum. You can buy land in Bodrum Mugla with a construction permit, you can buy a house for enjoying delightful summers in this amazing region. The buying process in Turkey can sometimes seem tedious with lots of governmental work, and that’s where Antalya Homes' difference comes into play here. With our years of local experience, 100% customer happiness, and zero failure policies we have brought together thousands of happy customers with their dream homes. If you want to learn more about our difference, you can check out Buying in Turkey page. We have hundreds of testimonials and a long list of happy customers. We have an office in Bodrum, and we are waiting for you to find your dream home!

Land for Sale in Bodrum, Muğla | Plots in Bodrum
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