Tekce Overseas is the New Member of DEIK!

As Tekce Overseas team, we always look ahead and take one step further through globalization. We collab with well-established organizations to keep up with the modern developments in business and expand our service area. And now, we are pleased to announce that our company Tekce Overseas is a new member of DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey).

What is DEIK?

Tekce Overseas is the New Member of DEIK!DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey) is an organization that incorporates local and global businesses aiming to correlate the local market with the foreign countries. The organization can be seen as a gateway to the world. DEIK is a global representative of the Turkish business market, and economy. Since its foundation in 1985, DEIK constantly pursued its vision to forge closer ties with Turkey and foreign countries in terms of business and culture. It cooperates with local and global companies, public organizations, independent corporations, civil society organizations. The organization's innovative actions aim to widen the local business network to global institutions through the strategy development phase and business diplomacy.

Tekce Overseas is Taking Part in the Spain Business CouncilsTekce Overseas is Taking Part in the Spain Business Councils

As a Turkish company operating in both countries, we are now taking part in the Spain Business Council of DEIK. Thus, we contribute to the commercial efficiency and we work for moving the relations to a better point.

The Business Councils were established by DEIK to strengthen the connections between countries in particular. The councils are divided into 3 different types: Country Based Business Councils, Special Purpose Business Councils, and Sectoral Business Councils. The diversity of councils create more private, distinctive interest in the business sectors. These councils study how to improve the balance of the market, make investigations on the business field, look for local or global companies for partnerships and create an eligible environment for these collaborations.

The Spain Business Council’s establishment agreement was signed in 1989 with the Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organization (CEOE) as a Counterpart Organization. As a leading real estate company with overseas branches; Tekce Overseas is now a member of the Spain Business Councils of DEIK!

What Are The Advantages of Being a Member of DEIK?

DEIK aims to strengthen the relations between markets, intends to extend the capacity of international trade, announces new developments and innovations happening in the business sectors. The organization provides a convenient environment for businesses to create new bonds with international companies and contribute to their globalization. It supports businesses to expand their service areas abroad, hosts events and activities to bring together the representatives, entrepreneurs, and state officials to discuss the current status and latest improvements.

As a member of the organization, Tekce Overseas supports the commercial convergence between countries. As a leading real estate company with overseas branches, we are ready to contribute to commercial developments and business activities. We became a member of one of the most prestigious semi-public global organizations and already targeted our next step from today: Membership of the Turkish Exporters Assembly.

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Created: 04.11.2021, 18.00Updated: 07.07.2022, 12.18
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