Real Estate Technology Trends and Emerging Proptech of 2023

The usage of technology in real estate is increasing day by day. As technology continues to develop, more systems involve the real estate market. Today, we will go through the details of Proptech and modern real estate technologies.

What is Proptech and How It Changed the Real Estate Industry?

glowing house icon on blue landing pageProptech or property technology is a broad field including all technologies used in the real estate industry. It includes the following topics in real estate;

  • Property management with digital dashboards
  • Industrial research and analysis
  • Smart home technologies
  • Digital listing and brokerage services
  • Mobile applications
  • 3D property modeling and BIM

We can divide the development of Proptech into 3 phases. The first phase was during the first years of general internet usage. From the 80s to 2000, it started with the development of computer software. For example with Microsoft Excel, real estate companies started to analyze industry structures more easily.

The second phase started with the boom of the internet during the 2000s. The Internet was a big turning point in the transition from traditional print advertising to digital marketing. More companies started to work in the real estate industry.

The last phase is actually today. Digital companies provide real estate services in various fields. Airbnb and WeWork are the biggest examples of these Proptech companies. It is obvious that Proptech will develop in the near future.

Today, companies should work in accordance with technology. It allows real estate companies to reach wider areas. In addition, the companies may offer more services. The future of the real estate sector is going through online investment.

AI and Smart Homes in Real Estate Technology

modern villa with pool controlled by a smartphone from the outsideSmart homes are a big leap forward in the real estate industry. It actually transformed bricks into interactive AIs. Today, we can use our appliances, air-conditioners, security system, and many more even while we are not at home.

Automation and communication is undoubtedly one of the biggest parts of our daily life. We are always in touch with not only our relatives but also everybody. So, it is a big requirement to communicate with our own homes.

The smart home is a big development of real estate technology. Today, the digital world is affecting all industries including real estate and construction.

The research published on Statista shows it well. According to the research, number of smart home users will be more than 672 million in 2027. It was only 163 million in 2018. Smart homes are getting more popular with the new developments.

TeleMortgage and TeleProperty: Proptech Systems by Local Professionals with Global Vision

We will detailly inspect two systems. These systems allow buyers to complete purchases and mortgage processes remotely. They are huge turning points, especially for overseas real estate buyers.

Antalya Homes ® offers these systems to provide comprehensive services. They allow buyers to have a better and easier purchase process.

While purchasing real estate is hard, buying property overseas may be multiple times harder. But the development provides new opportunities. They have a big role in the future of real estate standards.

Technology in real estate investing is not a new trend. It got demand starting from the wide usage of the internet. But now, it even allows purchasing a property in another country without the need of traveling. Now let’s have a look at each system individually.


elderly man with beard typing on smartphoneTeleProperty ® is the name of the system purchasing property remotely. With this system, buyers will be able to buy property even in another country without traveling there. The system consists of 5 simple steps.

It starts sharing property info according to the buyer’s property wishlist. Professional and local experts of Antalya Homes find the best properties that suit your needs and desires. They share essential property information with the buyer.

If the buyer is interested in one of the properties, the next step is an online viewing tour. The team of Antalya Homes uses video calls through WhatsApp, Skype, or Facetime. The buyer gets an opportunity to ask questions to the agent and seller, just like they are visiting the property themselves.

The next two steps are negotiation and signing the sales contract. The agent team makes negotiation with the seller. Agents also clear the payment plan and other terms. At final, the buyer completes the payment.

After these, the buyer can get the title deed by themself, or they may give power of attorney to the agent. This is the process of Proptech real estate technology.


TeleMortgage is a system offered for those who want to purchase property with a mortgage. The system allows buyers to apply for mortgages remotely. Buyers can also use this system while purchasing property abroad. It is one of the shortest ways to apply for a mortgage.

It also consists of an easy and smooth process. After choosing a property, buyers send the documents required for a mortgage application. Then, the application and results take only 24 hours to conclude. If the application results positive, the buyer travels to Turkey and signs the KYC (Know Your Customer) documents.

They provide smoother processes for both sellers and buyers. More working methods will start with the newer developments. Now, let’s have a look at the future of this field.

Future of Proptech and Real Estate Technologies

a hand holding a tablet while a data cloud floating above itIn the future, the number of real estate technology companies will increase. This will highly contribute to development. There are already big leaps in property management technology. Giant companies took place in this industry.

What is included in the future of real estate technology:

  • Cloud-based big data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Virtual property tours with augmented reality
  • Comprehensive management systems

The future of this field is vibrant. The number of Proptech startups is increasing year by year. New technologies also contribute to this development. Digital transformation is active in this sector too.

Proptech is used in many property types. They can be homes or commercial units. Now, buyers can optionally add these futures to their next properties.

As Antalya Homes, we value development in the real estate sector. We are trying to create a better service environment by using the latest trends and methods. Our innovative services include purchasing real estate with crypto.

Experts suggest working with a professional and reliable real estate company. In addition to comprehensive services, our team will provide wider options for property types. We always guarantee your happiness at the end.

If you are willing to purchase property in Turkey, you may contact us anytime. Our local professionals speaking in your language will provide you with tailored services. Our company values are based on Zero Failure and %100 Customer Happiness to offer professional services.

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