Overlooking the Mersin’s Real Estate Market

In recent years, Mersin has been considered a rising star of the Eastern Mediterranean among real estate investors. The main reason to choose this hidden gem to invest in is its high yield potential.

As a historic port city, Mersin has had significant importance for trade and production for ages. Plus, the comfortable living conditions, safe environment, and wide range of opportunities make it a great place to live in Turkey too. Especially for the past few years, it has transitioned into modern coastal urbanization with prestigious housing projects.

Why Do People Choose Mersin?

Why Do People Choose Mersin?Mersin is a promising investment center, not only because of annual yield but also in terms of demand. TUIK states that in Mersin, the difference between total property sales in January and December 2022 is almost reached 3500 units. The city has become more and more popular each passing day among foreigners and here’s why:

• Everything you need is within easy reach. Mersin offers a wide range of amenities and social occasions. It is possible to reach anything you need daily within a few minutes.
• It has a gorgeous coastal promenade. Stretching along the Mediterranean coast, Mersin city has an extensive coastline where you can go jogging, cycling, or just for an evening stroll.
• The lively ambiance and climate conditions provide the perfect setting to adopt an active lifestyle all year round. The city does not experience harsh winters, so you can attend outdoor activities even in the winter.
• Especially around spring and summer, the city organizes hundreds of festivals, live music performances, and social gatherings.
• Mersin has a significant natural beauty. There are dozens of coves, beaches, waterfalls, and all kinds of natural beauties throughout the city.
• Mersin is a gem for culture and history lovers. The city has been occupied by the greatest civilizations for ages. There are lots of ancient settlements, now serving as open-air museums all across the city.
• Mersin has an advanced trade potential because of its strategic position. The city is an intersection of the east, west, north, and Mediterranean Sea. Its geographic context makes it an important gateway for import & export activities. So not only good place to live but also it has a promising market to establish a business.

What Types of Properties are in Demand in Mersin?

What Types of Properties are in Demand in Mersin?Among all types of properties, flats in new housing projects are the most highly demanded ones in Mersin. The main reason for that interest in flats is their functionality, modernity, and affordable prices.

It also might be a smart move to buy a commercial property in Mersin for your business. Mersin’s international port is among the 100 largest container terminals. It is also one of the leading shipping points in the Mediterranean. The city’s economical profile shows the impeccable opportunity to invest in a commercial property for sale in Mersin.

But, residential properties such as villas for sale in Mersin, Turkey, or flats are the most demanded type of real estate in Mersin. For the past few years, dozens of residential projects consisting of modern apartments have been constructed throughout the city. With this rapid development and demand, properties have also gained value remarkably.

According to the statistics, the average residential property price in Mersin Turkey was 1.787 Turkish lira per sqm in January 2020. Within 1 year it has become 2.299 TL and then raised to 5.087 TL per sqm.

The gap between apartment prices in Mersin Turkey per sqm had even more extended between 2022-2023. In 2023, the average value for sqm has reached 13.580 TL with more than 150% annual yield. So Mersin is not only a good place to buy a home and live in it. It is also an outstanding investment center with high yield potential.

The off-plan properties or projects under construction are the most profitable types of real estate for sale in Mersin Turkey. If you are not in a rush, buying property in Mersin, Turkey during the construction phase will reduce your expenses.

Most of the neighborhoods are established around the coastlineThe earliest purchases bring more profit in the long haul. In the delivery phase, the house prices in Mersin Turkey will be a bit pricier than before. The properties will gain a remarkable value in time. So the earlier you make the purchase the better.

People tend to choose spacious apartments with sea views since most of the neighborhoods are established around the coastline. Most of the sea view apartments in Mersin are situated within a 5-10 minute walking distance of the sea. In this way, there will always be time for a morning jog or evening stroll.

A great part of these newly built Mersin apartments for sale is situated in comprehensive residential complexes. In general, these complexes consist of multiple social facilities, and some even have their own aquaparks. The housing projects in Mersin are planned to provide complete safety and the ability to socialize within the complex. They also create the perfect environment for families to raise their children.

Most of the apartments situated in newly built projects are designed with contemporary features and equipped with high-end fixtures. By creating modern living spaces, these homes provide the most luxurious living experience for all residents.

Where to Buy an Apartment in Mersin?

Where to Buy an Apartment in Mersin?The best places that arouse the interest of property investors in Mersin are Erdemli, Mezitli, and Yenisehir. Along with Mezitli; Toroslar, Yenisehir, and Akdeniz are the localities that we can point out as the city center.

Mersin’s best neighborhoods are established along the Mediterranean coastline. The city extends from Anamur on the Antalya border to Tarsus on the Adana on the east. The most advantageous side of these seaside settlements is their wide range of amenities and decent environment to live in.

Erdemli is the perfect place to live especially for peace-seekers. It is less noisy than the center, less crowded, and has a tranquil ambiance. Yet, still located within easy reach of the city center, which is a big comfort. It takes less than an hour to reach the Mersin center.

Mezitli, on the other hand, is one of the contemporary metropolitan districts of Mersin. It was once described as a small historical settlement. In recent years, it has transitioned into a modern living center with new constructions. It is one of the major investment spots for foreign investors, drawing attention to comfortable living conditions.

Find the Best Property for Your Investment in Mersin

To make a sustainable investment, best to consult a professional who has full knowledge of the local market. You can take a look at the best properties to buy in Mersin. As an expert team of Tekce Overseas, we are excited to guide you through this exciting process! Contact us to get more information.

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