How is Living in Mersin Turkey for Foreigners?

Living in Mersin Turkey for foreigners is a great choice for a comfortable, peaceful, and pleasant lifestyle. Turkey is one of the best countries to live in as an expat. As a developed city in Turkey, Mersin presents its inhabitants with the perfect conditions to live in.

Why is Mersin Good for Living As an Expat?

Is Mersin Turkey a Good Place to Live As an Expat?There are many good reasons to live in Mersin as an expat. First of all, Mersin is the 11th largest city in Turkey in terms of population and is one of the biggest cities in terms of economy. The city’s developed infrastructure, stunning natural beauty, enviable climate, and cultural heritage attract many people from all around the world.

Just like other cities in the Mediterranean Region, Mersin also has a deep-rooted history. The city has witnessed the rules of some great civilizations including the Hittites, Romans, and Ottomans. Today, cultural heritages like Amur Castle, Kanbazali Ruins, the ancient city of Soli Pompeiopolis, Aya Tekla Cave Church, and more are some of the reasons why people choose to visit Mersin. On top of that, Mersin also has many mesmerizing natural places to see.

Additionally, the low costs of living in Mersin make it an advantageous place both for life and investment as a foreigner. Currently, housing prices in Mersin are on the more affordable side and Mersin’s popularity is increasing day by day. This situation makes buying property in Mersin a good investment instrument for the long term.

Mersin is located on the southeastern coast of Turkey. The city benefits from the subtropical Mediterranean climate. The weather is mild throughout the year with more than 300 days of sunshine. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are mild and rainy.

Is Mersin Turkey a Good Place to Live As an ExpatIn addition, the city has a very long coastline along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The coasts of Mersin consist of sandy beaches, coves, and cliffs; which makes it perfect for summer holidays. Expats living in Mersin Turkey can enjoy a holiday-like everyday life.

The enviable climate of Mersin also enables it to be one of the biggest agricultural producers in Turkey. Mersin takes first place in the production volume of several fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, the coves of Mersin have enabled it to become a natural port city. Today, Mersin is home to the second largest and most important port of Turkey after Ambarli Port near İstanbul.

The port of Mersin handles a considerable volume of export and import in Turkey. As a result of this, Mersin has become a major industrial city as well. The city has several active industrial zones, free trade zones, and numerous factories from various sectors. This makes living in Mersin much more comfortable with a wide range of amenities.

However, the advantages of living in Mersin Turkey as a foreigner aren’t limited to these benefits. Despite being a major industrial and agricultural producer city, Mersin is a lot less crowded and more peaceful than the major cities like İstanbul, Ankara, and Antalya. This makes the living costs in Mersin much more affordable. Since now you have decided to live in Mersin, let’s check out where to stay in Mersin Turkey. Here are the best areas in Mersin to live;

Best Areas to Live in Mersin

Is Mersin Turkey a Good Place to Live As an ExpatThe best places to live in Mersin for expats would change depending on what kind of lifestyle they want to lead. Mersin consists of 4 metropolitan districts, namely Mezitli, Yenişehir, Akdeniz, Toroslar, and 9 other peripheral districts. Each of these districts offers its inhabitants different lifestyles. Let’s look into the most popular districts of Mersin;

• Mezitli: It is one of the metropolitan districts and is the place where you can find the best neighborhoods in Mersin to live. Mezitli is surrounded by the Erdemli district from the west, the Toroslar district from the north and northeast, Yenişehir from the east, and the Mediterranean Sea from the south.

The district offers its residents a comfortable, peaceful, and posh lifestyle. In Mezitli, you can find all types of daily and social amenities you may need with a wide range of options. Some of the must-see places in Mersin like ancient cities, parks, beaches, and natural wonders are also on the borders of this district.

Mezitli is the best place to stay in Mersin Turkey and is where you should start your Mersin trip.

• Yenişehir: Yenişehir is considered the second most popular among the metropolitan districts of Mersin. It lies along the coastline and is one of the commercial centers in the province. Just like its western neighbor Mezitli district, Yenişehir also provides the perfect conditions for living. Hence, some of the best neighborhoods in Mersin Turkey are in the Yenişehir district.

The lively promenade, marina, amusement park, national garden, and Forum Mersin Mall are the highlights of the district in terms of leisure activities.

• Toroslar: This district is the northern metropolitan district of Mersin and has no shore on the Mediterranean Sea. The district takes its name after the surrounding range of mountains; the Taurus Mountains. Its proximity to the districts of Mezitli and Yenişehir enables easy access to the coast.

It offers a more comfortable and peaceful lifestyle with a wide range of amenities and less crowdedness. Additionally, the housing options in Toroslar are more affordable due to its inland location.

• Akdeniz: Akdeniz is one of the metropolitan districts of Mersin Province. The district lies on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and is bordered by the Tarsus district from the east, the Toroslar district from the north and northwest, and the Yenişehir district from the west.

Akdeniz is one of the liveliest districts in Mersin in terms of economy as it is home to the Mersin Port, the free trade zone, and industrial zones. In addition, the cost of living in Mersin Turkey is the lowest in the Akdeniz district. For this reason, it’s generally preferred by the working class.

• Tarsus: It’s one of the peripheral districts of Mersin. Tarsus is located in the easternmost point of Mersin and neighbors Adana Province. Even though it’s a peripheral district, it has an advantageous location. It’s barely 15 km from Akdeniz district and a mere 40 km from Adana Şakirpaşa Airport.

The district not only draws attention with its peaceful and natural environment and advantageous location but also with its deep-rooted history and cultural heritage as well.

• Erdemli: Erdemli is the western neighbor of the Mezitli and Toroslar districts. This peripheral district stretches from the coastline to the northern borders of the province. It’s one of the less crowded districts, however, its popularity is increasing day by day thanks to its proximity to the metropolitan districts.

The district’s advantageous location near the center and beautiful beaches make it a promising investment center in terms of real estate investment. Since the city center is expanding towards the west, Erdemli is the place where you can benefit from the advantages of buying property in Mersin Turkey the most.

mersin-anamur-mamure-castle• Anamur: This peripheral district is located on the westernmost point of Mersin province and on the southernmost point of Turkey. Anamur neighbors the Gazipaşa district of Antalya and is closer to Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport than Adana Şakirpaşa Airport with a mere 80 km distance.

This beautiful district is an important agricultural center, but it’s also a place that attracts the attention of locals with its beaches. It’s one of the districts with the best beaches in Mersin Turkey together with the districts of Erdemli and Mezitli. The coast of Anamur is loved by many with its sandy beaches and shallow waters. It’s one of the places where locals prefer to buy holiday homes.

Hopefully, this brief article has been helpful for you to understand what it’s like to live in Mersin. You can contact our local experts for further questions about the area or how to buy property without hesitation!

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