What Are the Top Outdoor Activities in Mersin?

Mersin is a coastal port city on the southern coast of Turkey. In this vibrant and colorful city, there are numerous things to do. From sports activities to cultural sightseeing, we prepared this blog to present all opportunities.

Nearly 2 million people are living in Mersin. And all of them have different purposes and reasons to live in this beautiful city. But they all meet in a common thing, the vibrant and lively life in Mersin.

Mersin consists of 13 districts. 4 of them are central districts. These are Akdeniz, Mezitli, Toroslar, and Yenişehir. But in short, each district of Mersin has amazing things to discover. Mersin is a brief example of why Turkey is one of the best countries in the world.

What is the Best Time to Visit Mersin?

What is the Best Time to Visit Mersin?Mersin is wonderful to visit all year long, but the best season is generally considered June to October. Within these months, the average temperature in Mersin is between 25-27 degree Celsius.

You must note that the summer season in Mersin starts in May and until October. In these months, Mersin becomes a tourist and holiday destination. Mersin weather conditions are ideal most of the year. You may enjoy the best beaches in Mersin, nearly in all districts.

Places to Visit in Mersin Turkey

There are numerous places to visit in Mersin. There are historical, cultural, and modern places to take a look at. So, the city offers a wide diversity of places to visit. You won’t be bored while visiting these awesome places.

The best places to visit in Mersin are;

  • Mersin Marina

Mersin has one of the most beautiful marinas in Turkey. In addition to luxury yachts, there are numerous things to do in this marina. Near the marina, there are various restaurants, shops, bars, cafes, and supermarkets.

  • Aynaligol Cave

Aynaligol CaveThis cave was explored by a shepherd in 1999. In addition to its location by the sea, the cave offers an interesting visit. It is clearly one of the top places to visit in Mersin.

  • Mamure Castle

Mamure Castle is located by the sea. It is an amazing castle that still saves its real structure. You may walk the interiors of the castle. Also, you may take beautiful pictures and experience history.

  • Sinkholes of Heaven and Hell

These two caves really have an interesting atmosphere. It feels like traveling not only between times but also dimensions. In addition, these caves have a mythological background. Zeus kept Typhon temporarily in Cehennem Cave before detaining him under Mount Etna.

  • Maiden’s Castle

Maiden’s CastleThe Maiden’s Castle is maybe the most famous place in Mersin. It is a big ancient castle built on a small island.

These places are the must-see places in the amazing city. But, Mersin has numerous more places to discover and visit. Now, let’s check the best things to do in Mersin.

Things to Do in Mersin Turkey

In Mersin, you will have numerous things to do in your free time. You may visit various museums, historical mosques, churches, and many more places.

In addition to these places, you may take a walk in natural places. Karaeksi Nature Park is one of the top places to visit.

Mersin has 321 km of coastline. There are many beautiful sandy beaches in the city. So, there are many opportunities to swim, sunbathe, or do water sports.

Except for Toroslar and Camliyayla districts, all districts in Mersin have access to the sea. So, the sea will never be far in Mersin.

Long seaside promenades in the city offer beautiful views and a relaxing atmosphere together. Also, the seaside promenades are home to some of the best restaurants in Mersin.

In Mersin, there are more than 41 archaeological and historical sites. In addition, there are more than 10 museums to visit.

There are not only historical and cultural places available. Mersin is a modern city. There are countless places to do shopping in Mersin. You may also experience other modern activities in the city.

In short, it is advantageous and interesting that how is living in Mersin as a foreigner or local.

Is Mersin Ideal to Live in Turkey?

Is Mersin Ideal to Live in Turkey?Top tourist attractions in Mersin and other activity opportunities make the city one of the best in Turkey. The city is not only suitable for short trips but also for permanent living. After founding out what to do in Mersin Turkey, many foreigners look for real estate options in the city.

The wide variety of Mersin travel options is making the city more suitable for foreigners. Mersin is easily accessible by surrounding and other countries and cities.

The next question about the city is “Is Mersin Turkey safe?”. Yes, absolutely. Mersin is one of the safest cities in Turkey.

Combinations of these aspects with attractions and places to see in Mersin draw the attention of many people.

If you are also interested in this amazing city, check out our listings of properties in Mersin. Mersin will be the ideal place for your next home!

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