The Best Medical and Educational Institutions in Turkey

The high-quality healthcare system and promising educational institutions in Turkey provide a comfortable living for local and foreign residents.

Turkey is a country on a unique strategical point in the world. As expected from a developing country, Turkey is giving enough importance to education and healthcare.

As a social state, Turkey ensures the right to social security for every resident of the country. The Turkish Republic offers high-quality healthcare with newly built modern medical centers with the latest technologies.

Healthcare in Turkey is progressed by three major organizations. The state hospitals, private hospitals, medical centers, and university hospitals are forming the healthcare system in Turkey.

hospital-health-services-turkeyUniversity hospitals have an important role in the Turkish medical system. Turkey is a successful country in social security and health benefits. It is done by the educational establishments and healthcare system intertwined thanks to university hospitals and medical faculties. Turkey has rapidly developing medical care facilities starting from Turkey’s first medical school founded in 1945.

Healthcare in Turkey is strategically spread to the country. So, Turkish residents don’t have to move to even another district to get treatment. This also allows foreign patients for health tourism to combine their treatment with their holiday.

In the Turkish education system, compulsory education is 12 years. It consists of 4 years of primary education, 4 years of middle school, and 4 years of high school. Compulsory education has helped them to develop faster.

Starting from primary school to high school, they are divided into two. There are state schools and private schools for this level of education.

There are 3 types of universities;

  • State
  • Private
  • Foundation

The best global universities in Turkey are can be found in these 3 types, thanks to the diversity. Even in private ones, fees for college admissions are lower than in most in Europe. The success in social rights promoted Turkey as a focal destination for both medical treatments and higher education.

The pandemic affected every type of travel in recent years. But it is not decreased international patients in Turkey. It was visited by more than 600 thousand patients for health tourism in 2021. The biggest reason for this flow to Turkey is to get high-quality health services at affordable prices.

Turkey offers more advantageous prices for nearly all medical treatments than other countries of the world. Also in some types of treatments, the Turkish healthcare system offers only half of the general prices.

Does Turkey Have Good Medical and Educational Institutions?

The Best Medical and Educational Institutions in TurkeyIn short, yes. Turkey has lots of good medical and educational institutions.

The long answer is:

Affordable prices are not the only thing to consider about healthcare or education. High-quality service offers, being global, and expectations are the main factors that affect the choice of the students and patients. The hospitals in Turkey have to meet the general global standard rules.

Most of these high-end hospitals have JCI (Joint Commission International) and ISO licenses. The global standards of healthcare institutions are occasionally checked by their representatives. Schools, especially the medical faculties are also involved in the development of the healthcare system and medical institutions. Also, there is an opportunity that medical students of universities can work in their university hospitals.

Turkey has more than 10 universities in the best global universities rankings held by research organizations. The success of Turkey is regaining the graduated students as academic staff. In Turkey, students can choose their subject by examination points.

Turkish universities are becoming more popular with global university agreements, including student exchange programs. There are thousands of international students studying in various Turkey.

Universities in Turkey are considered the home of science and education. So, universities have their own living environment on their campuses. The main goal of global universities in Turkey is preparing global graduates and producing science.

What Are Some Good Medical and Educational Institutions in Turkey?

There are good institutions nearly in every city. But the global ones are generally located in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya. Most of these are aiming to become global. To become global and popular, the location must also be global.

The big cities in Turkey generally draw the attention of tourists. So, tourism is considered an important way of advertisement. You may find below some good medical and educational institutions in Turkey.

Some of the Best Medical Institutions in Turkey

Decent medical centers can be found anywhere in Turkey. This list shows some of the best ones in Turkey. They are generally located in big cities.

Ankara Bilkent City Hospital

The Best Medical and Educational Institutions in TurkeyAnkara City Hospital is located in the Bilkent quarter in the Çankaya district. It has:

  • 131 operating rooms
  • 904 polyclinics
  • A total 3704-bed capacity
  • 82 VIP rooms
  • 1,554 single bedrooms
  • 725 double bedrooms
  • 700 intensive care units

Its full capacity can host 30,000 patients and treat 8,000 emergency patients per day. Ankara Bilkent City Hospital has 2,700 staff, including academic staff, physicians, and surgeons. 6300 health care personnel and 4,000 administrative personnel are also serving here.

Medipol Mega University Hospital

It is located in Istanbul. The hospital is accredited by JCI. The hospital contains 4 centers consisting of general surgery, cardiac surgery, oncology, and dentistry.

Medipol Hospital has:

  • Over 60,000 sqm of gardens
  • 26,000 sqm of an underground car park
  • 100,000 sqm of indoor areas
  • A 470-bed capacity
  • 1,500 members of staff

The success of Medipol Mega University Hospital is only one of the examples of the best medical universities in Turkey.

American Hospital

It is located in the Şişli district of Istanbul. The hospital is established by US Amiral Mark Lambert Bristol in 1920. It is the first private non-profit hospital in Turkey. American Hospital is associated with Koç Holding, thus the hospital establishes cooperative works with Koç University Hospital.

Antalya Anadolu Hospital

It is located in Antalya. It has a wide variety of services both for locals and foreign patients. The services for international patients include airport transfer and interpreter.

The hospital has:

  • A technological powerhouse providing 24/7 trauma care
  • 4 suites and 54 luxury rooms
  • 3 exceptional operating theatres
  • 3 intensive care units

Memorial Ankara Hospital

It is located in Turkey’s capital city, Ankara. Memorial is accredited by JCI. The hospital has:

  • 42.000 sqm of interior area
  • A 230-bed capacity
  • 60 intensive care units
  • 11 operating rooms
  • 63 polyclinics

It also has special rooms for disabled patients. Patient rooms and suites are specially designed for the needs and luxe of the patients and their relatives.

In addition to these, even in every neighborhood in Turkey, there is a high-quality state hospital. So, hospitals in Turkey are meeting the expectations of the patients with excellent service and affordable prices.

Some of the Best Global Universities in Turkey

Turkey has some universities that have a ranking among the best global universities list. The global university is a term used for universities with international students and staff. They have continuous communication with other universities of the same standards from all over the world.

The global universities in Turkey are one of the main factors why Turkey is considered a good country to study. The list below consists of some of the top universities in Turkey.

Bilkent University

It is a non-profit private university located in Ankara. It has 9 faculties including business administration, education, engineering, humanities and letters, law, and science. It also has 100 student clubs.

Bilkent University has more than 12.000 students and %10 of this total number are international students. It has staff from 39 different countries.

Hacettepe University

It was founded in Ankara in 1967. It is among the best universities to study medicine in Turkey. It has a total of 50 thousand students and more than 2.000 international students. It is one of the global universities in Turkey with high-level education and a wide variety of amenities.

Koç University

It is one of the best private non-profit universities in Turkey. It is located in Istanbul and was founded in 1993.

The university is funded by Koç Holding. Koç Holding is the largest industrial and services group company in Turkey. Its graduates are easily hired by their sectors. It offers respectful status and high quality of education.

Akdeniz University

It is located in Antalya and was founded in 1982. It has a 3.74 km² of wide campus. The university and its hospital contributed a lot to the country, especially in medicine.

The first full face transplant in Turkey was performed at Akdeniz University in 2011. That’s why it is considered among the top medical school in Turkey.

It has 65 thousand students and more than 2.800 academic staff. The university highlights globalization. It has 325 agreements within the Erasmus framework. Also, it has 60 agreements in 23 different countries with Mevlana Exchange Programme.

It is an international university with 2 thousand foreign students from 104 different countries. The high number of foreign students shows why Akdeniz University is good for international students.

Boğaziçi University

bogazici-universityIt was founded in1863 as Robert College by American philanthropist Christopher Robert. At that time, it was the first American higher education institution founded outside the United States. It has more than a thousand foreign students. It is considered the best university for studying business administration and technical sciences such as computer engineering.

Turkey’s education system is well established and it is continuing to develop. In addition to these, there are numerous international high schools in the country. They are considered the first step of successful career development. So, starting from the 20th century, high-quality high schools are established.

The best high schools in Turkey are:

  • Istanbul High School. It is a German School established in 1884
  • St. George High School. It is an Austrian School established in 1882
  • Galatasaray High School in Istanbul. It is the oldest high school in Turkey established in 1481

The healthcare system and educational institutions in Turkey have strong relationships that give advantages to both. Studying in Turkey is ideal for getting a high-quality education. Patients coming to Turkey are choosing this country to get better treatment in high-end medical centers.

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