Which is the Best Area to Stay in Ankara?

Çankaya, Keçiören, Gölbaşı, and Etimesgut districts are some of the most popular districts in Ankara. However, the best area to stay in Ankara changes according to the people’s needs and expectations from a living space.

Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It is a highly developed and steadily expanding city with an ever-growing population. It’s one of the best cities to live in in Turkey.

Steadily, more and more people who want to move to Turkey choose Ankara. New areas are opened for construction regularly to meet the housing demands of the growing population.

There are many good neighborhoods in Ankara as a result of its constant expansion. So newcomers ask the question “In which district to stay in Ankara?”. To answer that question, first, we need to assess your purpose in coming to Ankara.

Your purpose of coming will affect your needs and expectations from a neighborhood. The expectations and needs will determine the best place to stay in Ankara.

Ankara is a great city for both working and living in. That’s why a wide range of people choose to move to Ankara. Students, officers, consulate and embassy officers, and professors come to Ankara because of their workplaces and schools. Small and large families, ex-pats, and retirees prefer Ankara because of its wide range of amenities.

They do so because of their job requirements, personal obligations, or the quality of life in Ankara. Newcomers may feel lost about where to live in Ankara, but rest assured. Keep reading our article to find out the best places to live in Ankara.

Where to Live in Ankara?

The districts of Çankaya, Keçiören, Gölbaşı, and Etimesgut are among the best places to live in Ankara Turkey. The most popular neighbourhoods in Ankara are located in these districts. However, when people move to Ankara, they usually look for homes close to their cause of moving.

Differences in the purposes, expectations, and needs make some neighborhoods and districts more attractive. That is why some neighborhoods and districts are regarded as the best residential areas in Ankara by certain groups.

On the other hand, others may perceive different neighbourhoods and districts as the best. Let’s examine the most popular neighborhoods in Ankara among different groups of people and why a bit more closely;

Çankaya: The Heart of Ankara

city, city-centerÇankaya District is one of the most well-known and best districts to live in Ankara. It’s home to many points of interest. Grand National Assembly of Turkey, ministries, embassies, universities, hospitals, business centers, and the headquarters of large companies are some examples.

Çankaya is an administrational and economical hub and also a center for entertainment, cultural events, and leisure activities. The district accommodates countless cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars, stores, shopping centers, cinemas, and theatres.

The rich amenities offered in the district certainly facilitate daily life. As a result, neighborhoods and apartments for sale in Cankaya Ankara are highly preferred by a wide range of people.

There are 124 neighborhoods in Çankaya in total. Some of them especially stand out and attract attention. These neighborhoods are Kızılay, Bahçelievler, Ayrancı, and Oran.

Kızılay can be called the very core of Çankaya or the meeting point of all. It’s where ministries, government offices, and all types of amenities are packed together. Kızılay is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Ankara because every amenity can be found within walking distance.

Bahçelievler is also one of the most well-known among Ankara neighborhoods. The neighborhood is famous for its bustling shopping street with many chic cafes, fancy restaurants, and famous brands’ stores.

On the other side, the neighborhood is also decorated with low-rise buildings. These buildings are usually preferred by families. Bahçelievler promises a comfortable, social, and peaceful lifestyle.

Ayrancı is one of the most beautiful and best neighborhoods in Ankara. It’s where the charming Dikmen Valley is located. The luxurious houses and apartments in Ayrancı Neighborhood offer their residents stunning valley and city views. In addition, the charming park around the Dikmen Valley is perfect for leisure activities.

Oran is also one of the most prestigious residential areas in Ankara. The neighborhood features some of the newest residential complexes. These contemporary designed projects provide luxurious living spaces along with a wide range of amenities. The neighborhoods of Ayrancı and Oran are usually preferred by government officers, professors, and alike.

Keçiören: The Budget Friendly Choice

Keçiören is the most budget-friendly option among the metropolitan districts of Ankara. The district offers its inhabitants rich daily amenities and extensive leisure areas. It also has easy access to important places in Çankaya thanks to its location’s closeness and broad transportation network. Additionally, the district’s scenery is becoming more modern by each day thanks to the urban renewal projects.

The advantageous location of Keçiören and the budget-friendly housing options in it makes living in Ankara Turkey easier. The cost of living is also relatively lower than in other districts. That’s why students, single-member families, and other people with relatively lower budgets prefer Keçiören.

The beneficial real estate market in the district also makes it a favorable district to make an investment. Investors can gain a high profit by purchasing property in Ankara Kecioren. The average prices of properties are suitable for even small investors.

Keçiören is the second biggest district of Ankara in terms of population. Since it keeps growing, new areas are opened for construction steadily. This allows you to find brand-new apartments at reasonable prices.

The neighborhoods of Hisar and Karakaya in the Keçiören District especially draw attention with their cheap housing options. Newly built projects in these neighborhoods are preferred because of their advantageous prices and their spacious and practical interior designs.

The neighborhoods of Ayvalı, Etlik, Gümüşdere, Hasköy, Sancaktepe, and Esertepe are generally preferred because of their advantageous location. They are close to other metropolitan districts like Çankaya, Altındağ, and Mamak.

Gölbaşı: The Adress of Holiday Like Life in Ankara

sky, green, nature, lake, boatGölbaşı is one of the most beautiful metropolitan districts of Ankara. The district draws attention with its proximity to Çankaya and wide range of amenities. But its main attracting points are its astonishing nature and relatively tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. People may stay in other districts due to reasons. Yet they still come to enjoy leisure activities and natural beauties in Gölbaşı.

Mogan and Eymir lakes and Beynam Atatürk Forest are what make Gölbaşı such a beautiful and peaceful place to stay. These stunning lakes, the astounding leisure areas surrounding them, and the forest refresh the air of the district. They also enhance the scenery of the district. These areas are certainly among the most interesting places to visit in Ankara.

Gölbaşı’s popularity among people makes it a favorable choice for construction companies as well. In recent years, many construction companies have started implementing luxurious housing projects in the district. These contemporary projects provide comfortable apartments and houses with magnificent lake and forest views and many comfortable features as well.

The luxurious projects in Gölbaşı offer their residents the comfort of a 5-star hotel with its rich features. Some are; pools, saunas, Turkish baths, spas, fitness centers, children’s playgrounds, barbeque areas, gazebos, sports fields, and indoor parking areas.

The neighborhoods of İncek and Kızılcaşar are some of the peaceful neighborhoods with beautiful nature views in Gölbaşı. These neighborhoods are preferred for their calmness. On the other hand, the neighborhoods of Eymir, Bahçelievler, and Örencik are more central. They are also closer to the lakes of Mogan and Eymir.

Etimesgut: A Modern and Peaceful Retreat in the Middle of Ankara

city, road, green-place, treeEtimesgut is one of the less populated metropolitan districts of Ankara. The district’s scenery consists of generally low-rise buildings and abundant green areas. It’s a modern and tranquil district with rich amenities and ample green areas. It offers a comfortable, pleasant, and peaceful lifestyle.

As a result of the inevitable growth of the capital city Ankara, Etimesgut is gradually becoming more densely populated. This situation increases the demand for more new-built homes. As new projects rise every day, the investment value of the district goes up as well.

Some people want to lead a comfortable and quiet life and make a profitable investment at the same time. They usually buy houses or apartments in Etimesgut to settle in Ankara. Real estate in Ankara Etimesgut offers comfortable spaces and investment opportunities altogether.

The neighborhoods of Ahi Mesut, Yeşilova, and Şehit Osman Avcı are some of the central neighborhoods. You can find all types of amenities on your doorstep in these areas in Etimesgut. On the other hand, Yapracık Neighborhood is where brand-new large-scale residential projects are being built. It is located on the outskirts of Etimesgut.

Hopefully, you got a glimpse of living in Ankara pros and cons by reading our brief article. Also, now you know what are some good neighborhoods in which to stay in Ankara, Turkey. You can contact us without hesitation for further questions on the neighborhoods and the available real estate in Ankara.

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