A Loveful Poem of Turkey

Here is a wonderful poem in which a potential home buyer friend of ours expresses her love for Turkey, thanking us for the services of our company. This poem celebrates the beauty and diversity of Turkey, references Turkey's rich history, and evokes a sense of pride and admiration for the natural beauty and cultural richness of Turkey.nature beauty of Türkiye

Washed by three bluer seas,
Between Europe and Asia,
Turkish land lives
In space and in the cycle of years.
Its mountains are covered with snow,
Its foothills are covered with sand,
And modern Turkey shows
How greatest this ancient land.
People born under the sun
Of the earth with a beautiful sky
Thinks, what they early done
For their in the future better life.
They remember the time of Byzantium,
They rejoice in today's time,
Looks on the Waves of Marmara sea
And are talks to each other " hi! "

Author: Daria Komarova
Date: 05.10.2022

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Created: 14.04.2023, 17.50Updated: 24.04.2023, 09.23
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