International Banking Transactions
The banks in Turkey are efficient at meeting all the requirements of foreign buyers’ needs at the highest standards. Turkish banks support international trade, foreign investment influx, free economical policies, technological developments, and international cooperation on economic policies. Turkey is one of the most exemplary countries when it comes to banking systems.

Turkish citizens or non-citizen residents can benefit from many of the services offered by Turkish banks. For instance; money transfers from abroad, high-yield savings, billing payments, pensions, etc...

If you want to start receiving these services, you can simply open up a bank account. The steps are;

Get a Tax ID Number

In order to get this, you need to get a tax identification number. Easily equipable by applying to a tax office with your passport.

Open a Bank AccountInternational Banking Transactions

After getting a tax identification number, simply apply the bank of your choosing with these documents:

• Original passport and a translated copy of the passport

• Turkish tax identification number
• Any utility bill to your name and address from your country (Needed to prove your address)

After opening your bank account, you can benefit from all the services. For example, you can take advantage of credit opportunities. In Turkey, it's easy to apply and withdraw mortgages. You can use financing up to 50% of the validation reports' value to your property.

Necessary documents for a mortgage are;

• Copy of the passport
• Title deed of the related real estate
• Certificate of income
• Work and residence permit
• A guarantor or cash collateral.

You can also use our brand new system known as TeleMortgage, where we removed the need for you to personally be there for the application process and you can use up to %100 of the property’s value.

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Created: 03.06.2021, 18.00Updated: 13.07.2022, 06.46
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