The Times says a Fethiye Holiday in October is Still Great!

Fethiye, Turkey's hidden gem, is not a secret anymore! Recognized British Newspaper, The Times has made a list of the best places for a beach holiday in October. Fethiye, Turkey comes 2nd on the list!

According to The Times, "Fethiye is the Turkish Riviera's main hub and a perfect choice for families." But what makes it exceptional for an autumn holiday? Let's find out.

Best Weather for a Beach Holiday in October

An excellent holiday plan deserves excellent weather. Fethiye has all the advantages of a mild climate. As an attractive destination for the perfect holiday, the summers in Fethiye are hot and the winters are cool.

Ölüdeniz Beach is the first that comes to mind.However, if you are not a fan of either of them, October offers ideal conditions. Fethiye’s weather in October is warm enough for swimming but it's not scorching.

Many of the hottest beach destinations in October are here in Fethiye. During this beautiful month, the average weather temperature is 24.7°C and the average sea temperature is 18°C.

Beautiful Beaches in Fethiye Turkey

The perfect weather may not be enough alone, but Fethiye also has picturesque beaches with fine sands and turquoise waters. Ölüdeniz Beach, Turtle Beach, Çalış Beach, Kabak Beach, Kuleli Beach, and Samanlık Bay are only a few of them.

Ölüdeniz Beach is the first that comes to mind. It offers a lively and social atmosphere. You can swim, do water sports, chill out, and enjoy the cafes and restaurants here.

Turtle Beach, or İztuzu Beach for locals, is another wonderful destination. Turtle Beach is like a paradise with turquoise waters, fine sands, and beautiful views. You can find Turtle Beach on various lists of the best beaches in Turkey to swim. As you are admiring this natural marvel, don’t forget to admire the loggerhead sea turtles here. All in all, you’re visiting their home!

Fine sands, a long coast, and ever-smiling faces: Çalış Beach has everything you need. With water sports options and other joyful activities, Çalış Beach offers more than just relaxing on the beach.

Who wouldn’t love swimming in a bay? Kabak Beach offers tranquil and clean waters with picturesque views. Here you can camp too.

Mother Nature’s Treats

Fethiye is an actual heaven. There are palm trees all over the city.If you find peace in the green and blue tones of nature, lucky you! With mountain, hill, bay, and sea views, Fethiye is an actual heaven. There are palm trees all over the city.

Now just imagine all these wonders side to side with the autumn leaves. You can see the reason why the best beach holidays in October belong in Fethiye, can't you?

There are always some things to do in Fethiye. The city doesn’t forget adventure-seekers either. You can try out a hike, paraglide, microlight, jeep safari, cycle, dive, and many more extreme sports here.

Lycian Way, a 20-kilometer hiking road, starts from the beautiful Fethiye and goes all the way to Antalya City. Lots of adventurers include this hike on their lists of "Things to Do Before …". This hike won't disappoint campers, backpackers, and wanderlust spirits.

Affordable Beach Holiday Destinations in Autumn

The best thing about Fethiye is its humble spirit. When you compare it to other cities with similar advantages, you can see that Fethiye is madly reasonable. The hotels, holiday homes, and properties in Fethiye come at reasonable prices.
Especially with the arrival of autumn, everything is more affordable in Fethiye. The schools have started, people are back at work, and the holiday demand has decreased. It's the best time to visit Fethiye, Turkey; and have an affordable yet peaceful holiday!

Affordable Beach Holiday Destinations in AutumnEvery holiday has to end. But you can still have a holiday-like life! There is a big possibility that when you return to your country, you will start dreaming. Buying a property here will seem charming.

Living in Fethiye as an expat is a great way to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle in an affordable location. Your villa may have beautiful views of the sea from one window and mountains from the other. You can spend your weekends discovering hidden bays.

Most of the properties in Fethiye come with swimming pools, infinity pools, gardens, terraces, and smart home systems. Most of the apartments for sale in Fethiye have a rich amount of social benefits. These include restaurants, cafes, fitness, SPA, Turkish baths, and shuttle service.

Investment Potential of Fethiye Properties

As rumors about this paradise spread, Fethiye receives more and more gazes from all over the world. Fethiye certainly offers the perfect living space for reasonable prices. But for all you know, this may change in the near future. The farsighted investors can see this!

According to Endeksa, the average property prices and value gains are as follows:

  • The Fethiye property prices have increased by 1039.48% between January 2019 and September 2023.
  • Property prices in Fethiye were $135 per square meter in January 2019.
  • Property prices in Fethiye were $1.536 per square meter in September 2023.
  • In the past year, the properties had an 81.11% value gain.
  • In the past 2 years, the properties had a 404.56% value gain.

Investment Potential of Fethiye PropertiesTo get it clear, let’s compare Fethiye with Murcia, Spain:

  • The Murcia property prices have increased by 10.40% between January 2019 and September 2023.
  • Property prices in Murcia were $1.089 per square meter in January 2019.
  • Property prices in Murcia were $1.202 per square meter in September 2023.
  • In the past year, the properties had a 4.28% value gain.
  • In the past 2 years, the properties had a 7.71% value gain.

If you don’t want to live here for 12 months of the year, there are options too. You can use your villa as a holiday home and spend your summers here. Camping, swimming, traveling, and enjoying life will feel like medicine.

You can also rent out your property both in summer and winter. Short and long-term renting will both be highly profitable options. Double points if you get a seafront villa near Fethiye beach.

The other advantage of investing here is that you can get citizenship. Since June 2022, foreigners can obtain Turkish Citizenship for a $400.000 real estate purchase!

If you want to get a secure spot in the real estate market of Fethiye, call us now! Our professional team is here to help you find the perfect property for sale in Fethiye, Turkey.

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