Best Neighborhoods to Buy Property in Trabzon Turkey

The most preferred neighborhoods to buy real estate in Trabzon are Kaşüstü, Yıldızlı, Yalıboyu, Yalıncak, Pelitli, and Bostancı.

Trabzon is a historical city in the Black Sea region. However lately it has become a modern investment point that offers a quality lifestyle. In recent years, the number of investments in Trabzon has increased severely due to its wonderful living conditions. Trabzon city center view

Because of the high demand for real estate, Trabzon’s small neighborhoods have developed into modern living spaces. Buyers intend to seek property investment opportunities in Trabzon Turkey in places with tranquil and modern living conditions, full of amenities.

Where to Buy a Home in Trabzon Turkey?

The most famous neighborhoods of Trabzon to live in are Yaliboyu in the Arakli district; Yıldızlı in Akcaabat; Kasüstü in Yomra; Bostanci, Pelitli, and Yalincak in Ortahisar. Each of these neighborhoods has a unique aspect.

Some of them stand out with their living environment. And some draw attention with their proximity to the center or position on the Black Sea coastline. Here are the best neighborhoods for property investment in Trabzon Turkey.

Yıldızlı Neighborhood in Akcaabat

Yıldızlı is a highly developing brand-new residential area in Akcaabat, the most famous district of Trabzon. It is among up-and-coming neighborhoods in Trabzon with new housing projects all over.

Akcaabat is known for its historical background, however, it is the second biggest district of the city. The district consists of old neighborhoods full of Ottoman houses and contemporary housing projects altogether. Since it’s one of the major tourist destinations, it offers easy access to all amenities via advanced transportation.

Yalıboyu Neighborhood in Araklı

Buyers mostly intend to look for Trabzon coastal neighborhoods for property investment and Yalıboyu is one of them. Yalıboyu neighborhood is also a historical settlement, turned into a coastal residential area with mostly sea view apartments. Once, it was an olive production center and a former Ottoman neighborhood. Trabzon coastline

Today, the construction market has increased its attention on Yalıboyu for new-generation comprehensive housing projects. A great part of the residential complexes in Yalıboyu is designed with extensive outdoor spaces to socialize within the complex. Most of these projects are strategically located on the hills by the sea to offer stunning Black Sea views.

Kaşüstü Neighborhood in Yomra

Kaşüstü was a former ancient Greek neighborhood of Yomra. Now it has become one of the most preferred residential areas of the district. Kaşüstü stands out with its proximity to the Black Sea coasts, Trabzon’s international airport, and the city center.

The neighborhood is now full of newly built boutique projects offering complete privacy. Trabzon property prices by neighborhood may differ, but Kaşüstü is a great place to find the most affordable options.

Bostancı Neighborhood in Ortahisar

Ortahisar is the central district of Trabzon and Bostancı is among the most famous neighborhoods. Bostancı stands out with its significant location near the university and airport. But being away enough from the hustle and bustle of city life makes it a tranquil neighborhood. Life in Bostanci is enjoyable, thanks to easy access to all amenities in the city center.

Pelitli Neighborhood in Ortahisar

Right on the eastern Black Sea region on the border of International Trabzon Airport, the Pelitli neighborhood lies on the Black Sea shore. Its strategic position near the university, airport, and city is Pelitli’s most attractive side along with its tranquil ambiance.

In less than a 20-minute car ride, you can reach the city center. Also, every daily need is in the palm of your hand even in the neighborhood, accessible just within a few minutes. Real estate buyers mostly choose Pelitli because of its comfortable living conditions.

Yalincak Neighborhood in Ortahisar

With its lush nature, landscaped communal parks, sea views, and famous beach, Yalincak is quite popular among property buyers. As a great advantage, Yalincak is among the neighborhoods with the best views in Trabzon. Most of the buildings in Yalincak offer an opportunity to wake up to unique sea views.traditional houses in Trabzon

It is one of the top neighborhoods for luxury property in Trabzon Turkey. Many of the buildings constructed in Yalıncak are designed perfectly for families with children. The new complexes contain socializing areas for kids, including playgrounds and communal gardens.

A great number of the buildings in Yalincak are newly built. Most of the flats in modern complexes are usually designed with up-to-date infrastructure and modern features.

Which Neighborhood Should I Live in Trabzon Turkey?

The best neighborhood to live in Trabzon depends on you and your choices. There are a great number of family-friendly neighborhoods in Trabzon. As well as other cities, every neighborhood in the city of Trabzon has its own unique upsides and way of living.

If you are looking for real estate to buy, your purpose and necessities matter the most when choosing the location. That’s why, we always recommend making a wish list at first. This wish list would include everything you are looking for in an apartment.

After making a wish list, working with a professional real estate agent comes in handy. An experienced local agent will have the full knowledge of the best locations in the Trabzon real estate market. Your agent can guide you on which neighborhood would be the best fit for your interests.

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