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Flats for Sale in North Cyprus | Apartments in North Cyprus

Throughout history, this magical island in the middle of the eastern Mediterranean sea became a new home to millions of people from all around the world. You can easily trace back the historical background by the footsteps of the former civilizations who lived on these lands because of the well-preserved cultural heritage. The convenient living conditions can be determined as the main reason to live in Cyprus but there are many other reasons for choosing North Cyprus to live your dream life!

Apartments for Sale in North Cyprus | Flats in North CyprusLife in North Cyprus

As being a part of one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean sea, North Cyprus has a lot to offer for everyone! The island presents all kinds of lifestyles in a single land with many opportunities. It combines both the colorful Mediterranean way of living and the joyous island lifestyle. Life in North Cyprus has a lot of advantages such as;

• The Climate: You Can Enjoy the Sunny Climate in All Seasons

The summer season is relatively hot in North Cyprus but you can also take advantage of the beautiful sunlight in all seasons. The island has nearly 300 days of sunshine a year! It creates great outdoor activity options such as cycling, hiking, golfing, bird watching, water skiing, etc. This way you can experience a holiday-like lifestyle all year long.

• Convenient Environment: Explore the Beauties of the Mediterranean Island

North Cyprus has a well-protected environment combining cultural heritage and nature. The carefully preserved ancient cities and historical buildings create a breathtaking contrast with the aesthetic of mother nature’s beauties.

• Education: Great Conditions for Studying

North Cyprus hosts many worldwide-known universities on its lands. Some of the reputable Istanbul and Ankara-based universities such as Middle East Technical University (ODTU) and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) established a campus in North Cyprus. There are also Europe and USA-based universities with strong connections with foreign countries. The living conditions are quite convenient for students with a wide range of accommodation options, various entertainment centers, and different types of activities.

• Business: An Important Hub for Investors

As being one of the biggest islands in the middle of the eastern Mediterranean sea, Cyprus is an important tourism center. Especially the northern part with the combination of the Greek and Turkish lifestyle is offering an exotic atmosphere to foreigners. Because of this cultural fusion, North Cyprus is an important tourist attraction. The main investment activities mainly focus on the tourism and real estate sectors. Especially the various real estate for sale in North Cyprus creates profitable investment opportunities because of the never-ending need for accommodation.

Residing in North Cyprus

There is a wide range of properties in North Cyprus to invest in or live a wonderful life in your dream home. The diversity of these properties may come as confusing but this variety will allow you to choose the best option for your necessities and expectations. If you are considering establishing a new business or relocate the existing one, the various options of commercial property in North Cyprus can be the best pick! The high tourist attraction on the island will allow you to profit from your investment easily. To do agricultural activities or build your dream house, land in North Cyprus for sale offer a great investment option. This way you get to create and design your living spaces as you wish and determine your own budget for the construction. You can also consider buying under construction or already built houses for sale in North Cyprus to avoid the construction process and enjoy the finished work. But a more budget-friendly option for a residence will be the wide range of apartments for sale in North Cyprus. These flats in North Cyprus will allow you to experience the Mediterranean-concept communal lifestyle. There are many new developing projects with on-site facilities and rich features consisting of luxurious North Cyprus apartments for sale. The elegant apartments in North Cyprus have different qualifications such as sea views, modern and contemporary designs, smart-home systems, communal pools, etc. These flats for sale in North Cyprus offer a high-quality lifestyle with the bright sun and astonishing crystal clear Mediterranean waters.

TeleProperty: You Can Attend the Viewing Tour

Do you want to buy a property in North Cyprus but you can’t travel? Now with our TeleProperty service, you can easily arrange an online viewing tour for the properties you’ve chosen. You can attend the viewing tour via your preferred visual communication apps such as FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp Video Call, etc.

You can reach us to arrange your online viewing tour and get more information. Check out the listing pages and explore the real estate in Turkey.

Flats for Sale in North Cyprus | Apartments in North Cyprus
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