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Property for Sale in Girne, North Cyprus | Real Estate in Girne

Situated on the northern shores of the island of Cyprus, Girne town has a significant geographical context dominating the eastern Mediterranean sea. The Girne city, also known as Kyrenia, has a deep history that traces back to the ancient Greeks and is occupied by Persians, Arabs, Genoese, Venetians, Ottomans, and Turks. Today, it is known as the “university city” since it hosts the most prestigious high educational institutions on the island.

Life in Girne: What to Expect

As a typical Mediterranean port city, life in Girne goes quite vibrant yet not overwhelming. Since the 2000s, Girne has developed as a modern settlement with high living standards and a wide range of opportunities. It has become a major touristic destination for tourists because of its pleasing atmosphere, quality lifestyle, and affordable prices in comparison to similar touristic destinations with European standards. The multinational sociologic structure makes Girne one of the best places to live as a foreigner since locals are familiar with being intertwined with people from different cultures.

Especially after 2010, education has become an outstanding fact in why people chose Girne as a favored living destination. There are many international schools providing high-quality education and offering international diplomas valid in many countries. In parallel with the increase in the student and tourist population, the amenities and opportunities have increased also.

Girne is one of the best places to adopt a social lifestyle full of adventures. It is perfect for nature enthusiasts since the natural environment is carefully safeguarded by authorities. Also, the warm Mediterranean climate creates the perfect opportunity to get on an adventure every season of the year. It does also not stay behind when it comes to culinary arts. The best dishes from world cuisine can be found in this cozy town’s most elite restaurants. Also, well-preserved historical landmarks from the world’s greatest civilizations are perfect for history and art lovers. There are a vast amount of activity options from entertainment centers to concert halls.

Overlooking Girne’s Property Market

If you are thinking of buying a house in North Cyprus; you may stumble when you see the property options. Especially Girne has blinding diversity when it comes to finding North Cyprus real estate for sale. There are a lot of options suitable for every expectation and budget. With the increase in demand and population in the last decade, the construction market of Girne has gained a remarkable flow, and property options were diversified within. You can find all types of properties from commercial properties in North Cyprus Girne to lands for sale in North Cyprus Girne.

The most in-demand properties are definitely villas and apartments in North Cyprus Girne. The best part of looking for a residence in Girne is the diversity and modernity. All the newly built residential properties for sale in Girne North Cyprus from independent villas to apartments in multi-block complexes are designed with the latest technology and quality materials.

Especially the apartments in residential complexes with on-site facilities are the most preferred types of real estate when buying property in North Cyprus Girne. These complexes mostly offer all kinds of social facilities including swimming pools, saunas, gyms, playgrounds for children, and more. Since most of these complexes are safeguarded with securities, the properties in Kyrenia are the best fit to raise your children in a healthy environment.

Other properties for sale in North Cyprus Girne that draw the attention of foreign investors are the beachfront or sea view villas. Since it’s a favored coastal town, there is a wide range of detached or semi-detached houses built in complexes near the sea in Girne. These villas not only provide comfy and private living spaces to the residents but also offer a cozy lifestyle where you can wake up to beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea. Plus, what says more “comfort” than being able to reach the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean?

Also, properties for sale in Girne Northern Cyprus offer a profitable investment opportunity. Most of these new real estate projects in Girne are at their lowest prices when they’re off-plan or under construction. The prices may increase for each construction stage, so early birds get the best deals and their investment gains value as time passes. Most recently built projects are also offered by the launch prices, which could be more affordable than ever. Working with a professional real estate comes in handy at this point, since the company that you work with will inform you about the best options on the market. The construction companies may offer private offers and campaigns to the real estate agencies, so if you catch a good deal on the market, it could be a quite profitable investment.

You can find your dream property for sale in Cyprus by browsing our website. After finding the best option for you, buying property in Kyrenia is an easy process with comprehensive before and after-sales services from Tekce Overseas.

Property for Sale in Girne, North Cyprus | Real Estate in Girne
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