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Property for Sale in İzmir | Real Estate in İzmir

Antalya Homes ® has a diverse selection of real estate in İzmir, Turkey. Check out our listing page to find and buy property in İzmir, Turkey to live in or to make a profitable real estate investment!

How is Life in İzmir?

As the third-largest city in Turkey, İzmir not only gives you the advantage of living in a big city, but it also keeps you away from the crowds and noise that come with it. Located in the western Anatolia, the pearl of the Aegean will eventually capture your interest with its scenic scenery, gastronomy, warm people, and cultural attractions.

Economically, the cost of living in İzmir is very reasonable. For example, food is cheap because fruits and vegetables are mostly produced in neighboring cities. Therefore, you may buy organic groceries for a fair price.

As situated in the Mediterranean climate zone, the summers are hot and dry, and the winters are warm and rainy in İzmir. As a result, heating costs are fairly minimal.

From a social standpoint, the city's population is quite young due to the number of universities, which supports a wide variety of enjoyable activities during each season of the year in İzmir, such as events, concerts, fairs, and festivals.

Being so near to nature makes living a tranquil and peaceful life equally possible. Every day, you can stroll along the coast of Kordon and enjoy the spectacular view of the Aegean Sea from every point of the city.

In contrast to other large cities, İzmir's transportation and traffic systems run smoothly. The distance between the city's two farthest points can be covered in up to one hour.

Turkey's favorite holiday destinations, such as Alaçatı, Çeşme, Foça, Sığacık, Dikili, and Urla, are situated in İzmir. You can travel to these spots in no more than 45 minutes to enjoy a relaxing weekend away from the exhaustion and stress of the work week.

Is It Profitable to Invest in Property for Sale in İzmir?

Yes. First of all, real estate prices in İzmir Turkey are reasonable, and you always get what you pay for here. It means that buyers can gain valuable returns on their İzmir property investments.

As the city expands, new, popular residential areas started to appear, and the city administration places a high priority on the rapid development of these areas and the improvement of transportation systems.

There are many ongoing prestigious real estate projects that you can get incredibly profitable offers and discounts in these areas. As you might expect, projects are firstly offered for sale at extremely low costs. House values climb as development advances. You can invest in İzmir’s real estate for sale by purchasing a house from these new projects, which you can later sell for a profit.

High-Potential Locations to Invest in İzmir Turkey’s Real Estate

İzmir has always been a favorite of investors thanks to its qualified housing stock, and in recent years, new İzmir property projects have helped to strengthen this position. Real estate analysts point out that the city develops geographically on three sides, in contrast to other provinces in the area. In other words, you can make money as an investor even if you buy far from the urban core.


The most premium residential zone in İzmir is Konak, the city's central district. Here, you can find İzmir apartments for sale with larger bedrooms. This is the location for you if you do not want to leave the city center and want to get everywhere in 5 minutes.


New apartments and large-scale real estate projects are concentrated here. There are many İzmir properties for sale constructed here with cutting-edge modern luxuries. Due to its proximity to the sea, it is simple to find a new apartment with a sea view.


One of the most well-liked settlements in İzmir is Urla, which has managed to maintain its original texture. As in every region of İzmir, proximity to the sea and nature is at the forefront here.

It is a hot spot for beachfront properties in İzmir with sizable gardens and pools. Long-term gains can be realized by investing in houses for sale in İzmir, Urla.


The region is one of the areas where land investments will be perfectly placed in the city. The fast development of housing projects in this area is the main motivation for lucrative plot deals coming with land for sale in İzmir, Turkey.

Affordably priced land can be used to build your dream home, or you can hold onto it and profitably sell it to high-budget projects.


Among real estate gurus, Ulukent is a preferred location, especially for investing in commercial real estate in İzmir. Land and property prices have already risen in Ulukent, which is predicted to be İzmir’s most prominent and shining neighborhood within the following five years.

One of the reasons that make Ulukent more appealing to investors is the fact that the square meter values of the land are relatively high in many parts of İzmir and that Ulukent is at a more reasonable rate.

Thanks to its metro line and ring road links, Ulukent joins the list of İzmir areas where profitable investments can be made.

Do not worry if you want to buy a home in İzmir, Turkey but are unable to travel there right now. With the help of our TeleProperty ® service, our real estate agents in Antalya can keep track of the entire process and inform you at every stage. Without hesitation, get in touch with us for more details!

Property for Sale in İzmir | Real Estate in İzmir
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