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Property for Sale in Mamak, Ankara | Real Estate in Mamak

The Phoenix of the Capital: Mamak

It is convenient to mention the Mamak as a Phoenix of the city, regenerated from its ashes because of the urban transformation projects. These projects changed the urban texture of the settlement completely and created again with contemporary features suitable for a modern lifestyle.

Mamak is an eastern entrance of the city covering a large area of 66 neighborhoods in a 308 km² and has the highest immigration rate. The settlement was a part of the Cankaya district until its declaration as a separate district in 1983. It is accepted that the settlement get its name from the first ruler of the region: Ahi Mamak. Although, historical artifacts and ruins show that the city’s history traces back to the Roman period, even before its foundation in the 13th century by the Ahi community. The region was known for its water sources during the Roman sovereignty.

Before the urban transformation projects changed the identity of the settlement, Mamak was known as a slum because of the vast amount of shanty houses called “Gecekondu” in Turkish. The squatting started during the 1930s and the poverty increased rapidly until the 1950s in the region. This situation caused the squatting way of living reaching to the central location close to the city center. Following the decision of Mamak’s separation from Cankaya as an independent district, the urban transformation projects started to increase and change the urban texture. The district became a perfect place to buy real estate in Turkey.

What are the Modern Features of the New Mamak?

Property for Sale in Mamak, Ankara | Real Estate in MamakUntil the 1950s, the settlement was mostly known for its large picnic areas, beautiful nature, vegetable and fruit gardens, and clear drinking waters. Because of its importance as an eastern gateway to Ankara, Mamak was the first settlement where immigrants who traveled from the east can see. Within the increase in the population, the region became a big metropolitan settlement. After many urban transformation projects, Mamak gains a new identity as a contemporary and metropolitan residential area eligible to the necessities of the modern lifestyle. Many new and extensive projects were established and the amenities in the region increased. It still preserves its rural atmosphere in some small villages but the residential areas between the city center and the ring road developed visibly. A district is an ideal place if you want to buy your dream property in Mamak, Ankara. The new features of the district offer a comfy and tranquil lifestyle with easy access opportunities to the city center. Let’s see what has changed?

Safe and Presentable Environment

Since the number of the new projects increased, in parallel with the urban texture, the characteristics of the population groups have changed within. The carefully prepared urban plannings were transformed the whole atmosphere of the region. Because of its large streets, open roads, developed security measures, presentable town image, and clean air, the district is a perfect place if you are planning to buy an apartment in Mamak, Ankara.

Numerous Activity Options

Other than the necessities of human life, socializing and spending some quality time with your loved ones comes after. The urban transformation projects are aimed that Mamak will be an ideal living center filled with daily amenities and social activity options. You can spend a joyful time in the entertainment centers of numerous shopping malls, visit the Kartaltepe Adventure Park with your children, prepare a lovely picnic and take a hike surrounded by beautiful nature in the Mavi Göl Picnic Area, stop by at the first natural park of Ankara: Üregil Millet Bahcesi, or visit Kıbrıs Canyon and enjoy the clean air away from city life.

Many Historical Places to Visit

The settlement has a rich history traces back until the Roman period. Other than its ancient history, the settlement still preserves the ruins and cultural heritage subjects from the near past. The well-known building of Musiki Muallim Mektebi, which is still in use as a state conservatoire, is designed by the famous foreign architect Ernst Egli during the early republican period. The other cultural heritage built during the early republican period is the Great Kayas Mosque. The Tomb of Huseyin Gazi, the Gokyurt Mosque, Odabasi Village Mosque, are a few other ancient buildings that date to the Ottoman Period.

Great Market for Establishing a New Business and Job Opportunities

The urban transformation projects created a new market in Mamak for businesses. The lack of facilities for social and daily amenities creates a profitable environment to invest in a commercial property in Mamak, Ankara. The new business lines occurred in parallel with the developments and innovations in the business markets. Most of the population in Mamak earns their livelihood from public institutions, crafting and trading, the private sector, and construction fields.

Affordable Prices

Most of the new projects are focused on the Kayas and Ortakoy neighborhoods. Because of the increase in the new real estate for sale in Mamak, Ankara; the market of real estate in Mamak, Ankara become quite competitive. Because of the agonistical situation, the high-class properties such as luxury villas in Mamak, Ankara for sale have quite reasonable prices with flexible payment plans. For investment purposes, land in Mamak, Ankara is the best option because of the increasing value. The vast amount of property for sale in Mamak, Ankara has different features suitable for every necessity. With this plenty of property options, you may get confused while picking the ideal real estate for you and your family. With trustable guidance from local experts, you have nothing to worry about. The professional team of Tekce Overseas is ready to help you through the whole process from decision-making to signing the title deed.

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Property for Sale in Mamak, Ankara | Real Estate in Mamak
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