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Houses for Sale in Altınova, Yalova | Villas in Altınova

Houses for Sale in Altınova, Yalova | Villas in AltınovaAltinova is one of the quiet paradises of Marmara in Yalova, near the capital of bridges and trade, Istanbul

Who does not know this famous city! Yalova is a province in northwestern Turkey with a population of about 70,000. A quiet coastal city, characterized by a moderate climate in summer and winter, where all services are available with its friendly people. This city is famous for being one of the preferred destinations for those who are looking to settle in Turkey, and the most popular are villas in Altinova, Yalova. Because this region offers a wonderful and integrated life experience full of opportunities, many people are looking for real estate for sale in Altinova, Yalova today.

The tourist city of Yalova has become the focus of attention of investors and tourists, especially after the major transportation projects and tunnels that were opened in recent years, and at the top of these projects is the Osman Gazi Bridge, the fourth-longest suspension bridge in the world. The city of Yalova is the connecting point between the most vital areas in Turkey. It is located halfway between the international city of Istanbul and the city of Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and between the city of Sapanca. Therefore, commercial real estate in Altinova, Yalova is very popular among investors.

The first settlement in the area dates back to prehistoric times, around 3000 BC. The Romans occupied the area in 74 BC. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the city was part of the Byzantine Empire. And the region was one of the most important regions of the Ottoman Empire and also gained great importance during the war of independence of the Turkish Republic.

Since the Byzantine period, the importance of its geographical location has emerged, and the emperors often used it as a landing point from Constantinople. In the ninth century, the city was also the site of a lighthouse that carried news from the frontiers of the Abbasi State and included an imperial inn for travelers. Although it was just a little larger than a village, as described by Leo of Senada Pillai in the late tenth century, cattle, horses, and other animals were gathered there to be shipped to Constantinople.

Shipyards Area

The increasing demand for new construction, maintenance, and repair in the marine sector has resulted in such a level of demands being unmet. The establishment of a new shipbuilding center in Yalova Province has become inevitable. The main factor in choosing Yalova for the new shipyard area was its location near industrial areas with a highway connecting major cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli. Since 2007, more and more shipyards have been established on the Altinova coast. by 2020, more than 30 shipyards had been built.

Altinova and its surroundings are considered a region of a mixed atmosphere of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and it is a region with different climatic characteristics. The summer is hot and dry and the winter is warm and rainy. It is suitable for cultivation. For this reason, floriculture has taken center stage in Altinova, a charming town where all kinds of vegetables and fruits are grown and it's adorned with orchards on all sides, and the cultivation of potted flowers, outdoor plants, and flowers has become a large-scale sector.

Yalova is 40 km from Istanbul's Sabiha Airport, 75 km from the European side of Istanbul, 45 km from Bursa, and 60 km from Sapanca. It is one of the most important Turkish tourist cities, which is characterized by its natural landscapes and various tourist facilities, such as containing therapeutic sulfur baths known worldwide as Termal, with wonderful waterfalls.

Various means of land and sea transportation are also available in Yalova to transport passengers, goods, and cars from Istanbul to Yalova and vice versa. There are stations for these ships and sea buses such as Pendik and Yenikapı in Istanbul. Altinova, which you can reach easily by land and sea, is located 27 km from Yalova. It is located on the E5 highway that connects Istanbul, Kocaeli, and Bursa. You can reach Altinova in a short time from Istanbul and you can join the organized excursions from Topçular-Eskihisar ferry port within the borders of Altınova, and you can reach Bilecik and Eskişehir by road via Iznik about 20 km from Altinova and it takes about 25 minutes by car.

The apartments for sale in Altinova, Yalova have also become in demand as this region provides a functional and dynamic life for a wide range of people who choose this region as a strategic location in order to add ease, splendor, and enjoyment to their lifestyle and color their daily routine. The city has seen a significant rise in real estate sales in recent years.

Fruit growing and greenhouse cultivation are among the biggest factors that make up Altinova's economy.

Fruit cultivation occupies the first place in agricultural production here, where the atmosphere of the Black Sea is mixed with the atmosphere of the Mediterranean and the land is fertile. That is why land for sale in Altinova, Yalova enjoys a special level of demand in the real estate market as well.

Among the cultivated fruits, kiwis, nectarines, peaches, plums, olives, dates, cherries, grapes, walnuts and apples are most common. Field crops that occupy second place in production are wheat, barley, vetch, oats, and fodder corn. The third place is the cultivation of vegetables, as well as the cultivation of ornamental plants, which have an important place in the region's economy. At the beginning of 2007, the activities of organic farming started in Sermayecik Village and organic farming started in the cultivation of strawberries and spread to many other crops and this somehow has an impact on the real estate market in the area as many people want to live near these natural resources which add another reason to look for houses for sale in Altinova, Yalova.

Where to visit in Altınova Yalova?

The region is rich touristically and historically as well. Altinova, the Yalova region with its long history, is located at the crossroads of pilgrimage and trade routes. While it was a village in the Karamürsel district of Kocaeli, it gained county status in 1995 and was connected to Yalova Prefecture. From here it is possible to set off toward many destinations for a weekend trip. Owning a house in Altinova, Yalova makes it easy to set out to explore the diverse and easily accessible surroundings where you can spend your fun times.

Hersek Lake

Lake Hersek, located in the Altinova region, is registered as a protected area of the first degree. Its geomorphological formation is considered a rare feature in the world. It covers an area of 152 hectares. It is of great importance in terms of wildlife. Lovers of nature, birds, aquatic plants, and fish are welcomed to the lake. It is a place that is visited especially in order to see bird species. It is home to 1,000 different species of birds and a resting station for migratory birds.

 Altinova Mills

The archaeological area of ​​the Altinova mills is located in Subaşi village in the region. There is no accurate information about the mills located near the village of Mahmudiya, all that remains of them are only some antiquities.

Sudoşan Waterfall

Sudoşan Waterfall is located in Çınarcık district of Yalova, 45 km from the center of Altınova district. The waterfall, which is 260 meters above sea level, flows from a height of 30 meters. There are also camping and picnic areas near the waterfall.

Thermal spas

Thermal Hot Springs is located in the Termal district, from which it derives its name, 38 kilometers from the center of the Altınova district. Its water temperature ranges between 40 and 70 degrees. People visit it for recreation and for treatment of many diseases.

Altinova beaches

Altinova beaches where you can enjoy the sea activities to the fullest. Altinova hosts the most beautiful marine tourism and swimming areas in the Sea of Marmara and is famous for its beaches, which are preferred by locals and tourists, despite their small number.

In order to enjoy a colorful life close to touristic sites and transportation links and live near all the natural resources and rich public facilities and in the midst of a wonderful atmosphere, many choose to look for villas for sale in Altinova, Yalova to get a residence that enjoys all of these together.

If you are thinking about having such a life with such integration or want to know more about any type of real estate or villas for sale in Turkey in general, contact us or visit one of our offices.

Houses for Sale in Altınova, Yalova | Villas in Altınova
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