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Houses for Sale in Etimesgut, Ankara | Villas in Etimesgut

As one of the central districts of Ankara, Etimesgut is a very large settlement. With a surface area of about 100 square kilometers, it is among the largest districts. It borders Keçiören in the north, Yenimahalle in the east, and Sincan in the west. Archaeological research shows habitation since 2000 BC, including a Phrygian settlement in the 8th century BC. Then of course the district began to share the history of the city of Ankara with its Lydians, Persians, Galatians, Ancient Romans, Byzantines, and finally Turks. Etimesgut is on the ancient Silk Road to the orient, and still today the road and railway from Ankara to Istanbul pass through the district. Etimesgut district has the appearance of a bowl-shaped trough valley whose slope decreases from east to west. There is the Ankara Plain, which sits at the bottom of the valley and integrates with the side valleys extending between the steep hills to the Ankara Stream. The average height of the district is 807 meters. Etimesgut is formed by the merging of Ankara Stream, Çubuk, İncesu, and Hatip Streams, which pass from east to west with a 3% slope. In Eryaman District, there is Susuz Pond lake, which is mostly fed by rain water, on a clayey structure. The area around the pond is the resting place of the people of Etimesgut on holidays.

- Properties for sale in Etimesgut, AnkaraEtimesgut Attractions to visit:

While its natural beauties are mostly composed of parks, its historical beauties are in the form of mosques and tombs. However, each of them is home to different beauties in itself. It has been one of the preferred places in Ankara in terms of settlement from the past to the present.

Places to visit in Etimesgut and Suggested to add to your activity list for weekends hanging out are; Göksu Park, Tepetaklak House, Air Force Museum, Kemal Sonunur Park, Alparslan Türkeş Park, Nallıhan, Haymana Hot Springs, which are among the natural wonders of Ankara the healing hot springs are among the leading points of the city in health tourism with its water.

Advantages of living and owning a house in Etimesgut, Ankara

- First of all, Etimesgut is a large part of the city of Ankara, known for its strategic location and easy access to all destinations and this makes houses in Etimesgut, Ankara a good option to take in consideration when thinking about settling in Ankara.

- Close to the big city life, where huge markets and famous universities and at the same time it's outside the hustle and bustle with the availability of daily facilities and social services in here.

- Being one of the urban expansion areas, it constitutes investment opportunities for those who want to buy commercial real estate in Etimesgut, Ankara.

- Properties for sale in Etimesgut, Ankara of all kinds are at reasonable prices compared to the more central places.

- When it comes to transportation in Etimesgut, it is possible to go by almost any vehicle and public transportation. As it is partially close to Ankara's intercity bus terminal, transportation is mostly provided by bus, and it is also very easy to go around by private vehicles.

The perfect combination of city lifestyle and tranquility comes in areas like this and makes it an ideal place for living, villas for sale in Etimesgut, Ankara is where to check for getting such a flexible lifestyle.

Tekce Overseas offers a range of property, due to the wide range of new constructions and urbanization waves among the country, you can have a look at villas for sale in turkey for a general clue. Etimesgut provides many options for those who are looking for a standard and more social living style by offering flats for sale in Etimesgut, Ankara. and for more luxury and private lifestyle, villas in Etimesgut, Ankara are the option.

As building land in the city of Ankara is now impossible to find, areas like Etimesgut on the fringes of the city, where building land is cheap, are growing faster and faster. So, if you are interested in land for sale in Etimesgut, Ankarafor investing in or building your own farm or house on, here is a really good option as well.

The most important point is when you are looking to buy a property in Turkey, you must deal with a specialized and reliable company in order to avoid wasting time and money and being exposed to obstacles and unpleasant experiences. We as Tekce Overseas real estate company, offer you our service for having a fully successful experience as our prime principle at work is zero failure and our focus is the customers' complete happiness. If you are planning to search for houses for sale in Turkey, contact us now to get more details.

Houses for Sale in Etimesgut, Ankara | Villas in Etimesgut
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