What Do You Need a Lawyer for When Buying Property in Turkey?

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  1. How to Legal Buy Property in Turkey?
  2. Do I Need 2 Solicitors to Buy Property in Turkey?

There are many things to consider when buying property in a foreign country. Without the help of a professional who knows regulations and laws well, it can be difficult to finalize this process smoothly. It doesn’t mean that you will certainly face problems without a lawyer. But, why take the risk?

Trying to avoid home buying legal fees by not hiring a lawyer can be like walking on thin ice. Solicitor role in buying property can be crucial. You can eliminate all risks by hiring a property solicitor at a relatively low cost. Solicitors' charges for buying a property are not an important amount when compared to the cost of buying a property that will cause problems. Especially when buying commercial property lawyer assistance is important to make sure things are done appropriately.

So hiring a lawyer when buying property in a foreign country where you don’t know the land register law and can’t speak the local language would be a wise choice. However, you don’t need to hire a lawyer or a solicitor when you buy a property through Antalya Homes. Our company lawyers take all the necessary actions and follow the buying process thoroughly to protect your rights.

What Do You Need A Lawyer For When Buying Property In Turkey?How to Legal Buy Property in Turkey?

Buying property in Turkey is easier and less time-consuming than in most countries. However, if you are buying property in Turkey for the first time, you will need the assistance of a professional. It is not an obligation to hire a lawyer for buying property in Turkey. Besides, if you are dealing with a professional real estate agent, you don’t need a lawyer. Nevertheless, hiring a lawyer ensures that the property you will buy is legally appropriate and buying process is managed efficiently and is compatible with your interests.

A home buying solicitor follows up the buying property procedures to ensure that things are going right for your interests. We can specify the checks that a property solicitor does for you as below.

  • Drafting Sales Contract

When you decide to buy a property and agree with the seller, your property lawyer drafts a sales contract including all terms of the agreement. As sales contracts can ve used as certificatory documents in the event of any disputes, a property sales contract must be prepared by professional lawyers.

  • Title Deed Check

A real estate solicitor checks the title deed of the property to ensure that you are buying the property that has been shown to you.

  • Due Diligence

Property lawyers collect information about the physical and financial condition of the property you are buying. The goal is to ensure that you are buying a property, not the problems that come with the house. Lawyers check if the property has any debts, hypothec, or any past legal cases. They also check the certification documents of the house such as building permit and habitation certificate.

  • Ensuring a Proper Deed Conveyancing

Checking all information and ensuring a proper sales contract, lawyers help you buy the right property under agreed terms.

  • Buying on Your Behalf

Your lawyer can complete all legal procedures of buying a property on your behalf if you hand him a power of attorney. Buying through a proxy is a convenient option for those who don’t have time for the procedures. It is also more comfortable to leave the job with a professional even if you have time.

What Do You Need A Lawyer For When Buying Property In Turkey?Do I Need 2 Solicitors to Buy Property in Turkey?

When buying property in Turkey, you don’t need two solicitors to carry out the process. One lawyer is enough for legal advice buying property. A lawyer can follow up your purchase process successfully and securely.

In the case that both parties want to use the same lawyer, the lawyer should manage the process carefully to protect the rights of both. Although it is legally possible, it is not advised to hire the same lawyer as the seller. Hiring your lawyer gives you peace of mind as you will know that your lawyer will care only about your interests.

As the leading real estate company in Turkey, Antalya Homes offers a smooth property buying process to property buyers from all over the world. Our team of local property experts speaks more than 20 languages. When buying property in Turkey with Antalya Homes, you will deal with someone who speaks your mother tongue and knows your culture and so understands your expectations thoroughly.

We do our due diligence study before we integrate a property into our portfolio. Hence, we offer our clients only the properties that will not cause a problem at any stage. Also, as a real estate company, we act as a referee between buyers and sellers to finalize the process by protecting the rights of both parties.

We have delivered thousands of title deeds to buyers from all over the world with “Zero Failure”. In short, you don’t need to hire a solicitor for buying property with Antalya Homes as our company lawyers will be more than happy to help you through the process. However, if you want to hire an independent lawyer for buying a property in Turkey, we can provide you with a list of English-speaking independent lawyers.

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