Award-Winning Konyaalti Coastal Project in Antalya

The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is conducting the work of the Konyaalti Coastal Project. The purpose of the project, combine coast and green areas without concrete. The Konyaalti beach will remain 90% open to the public of the area and more comfortable, beautiful, and modern. Konyaalti Beach, which has been reorganized in a holistic, contemporary, and original way with the project, will come to a position it deserves based on the unique harmony of blue and green.

Purposes of Konyaaltı Coastal Project

• To prosper coastal uses.
• To highlight historical and cultural areas on the coast.
• The beach will be accessible for everyone.
• Creating pedestrian and bicycle-friendly vehicle traffic.
• Making the Konyaaltı region a city center.
• To improve transportation facilities in every region of the city.

More Green Area Instead of Vehicle Traffic

Award-Winning Konyaalti Coastal Project in AntalyaAccording to the project plan in Antalya, the coast will be closed to vehicle traffic. Konyaalti's northern strip was regulated as arrival and departure. The sounds of the car like a truck on the beach will become history. The trees on the beach will be protected, also, more than 5 thousand 197 trees will be planted. While the concrete floors in the pre-project area are 97 thousand 468 m² with the new project it is reduced to 68 thousand 700 m² and approximately 30 thousand m² concrete area is converted to green area.

The city administration also plans to make the following important points in the project:

- Soft rubber coating for running tracks.
- A private beach with all amenities and a special elevator for entering the sea for people with disabilities.
- A separate park with a swimming pool for domestic animals that meets the criteria of the "Blue Flag".
- From 2019, the construction of the light metro line - ANTRAY - will start along the Konyaalti coastline extending from the port to the Akdeniz University and further to the MarkAntalya Shopping Center.

In the present project, the covered area of 12,600 m² will be reduced by half in square meters and these areas will be reorganized as green areas. With the project, the beach at the back of the park will be fully preserved and walkways and bicycle paths will be built and used by the citizens. The amphitheater will be preserved in the same way and will continue to host cultural and artistic events. In the project area starting from the museum square to the Boğaçay, the disabled people will be able to move easily and enter the sea. Transportation will be much easier with the metro project that will start after 2019.

The Konyaalti coastal project is named as the diamond necklace by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel. Antalya will become a new attraction center in tourism with new projects and developments.

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Created: 05.03.2018, 00.00Updated: 23.12.2021, 14.26
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