Art and Music Meets at International Bodrum Ballet Festival

Bodrum is hosting the 20th International Ballet Festival at Bodrum Castle. Worldwide famous masterpieces will take place between 05-17 August 2023. Now, let’s look at the details.

Enjoy Ballet Shows of Masterpieces at the 20th International Bodrum Ballet Festival

Bodrum is hosting another international cultural event, the 20th International Bodrum Ballet Festival. The event will take place at the historical Bodrum Castle. So, the unique setting will be ready for the ballet shows of masterpieces. Let’s have a quick look at the event schedule:

event schedule harem21:30 Saturday, 05 August 2023: Harem

21:30 Tuesday, 08 August 2023: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

21:30 Friday, 11 August 2023: A Passage to Bollywood

21:30 Sunday, 13 August 2023: Woman By Aaron Vivancos

21:30 Wednesday/Thursday, 16-17 August 2023: Don Quixote

*All shows will take place in Bodrum Castle.

What You Should Expect International Bodrum Ballet Festival?

At the festival, you should expect to experience a perfect combination of traditional and worldwide famous masterpiece ballet shows. The traditional shows will offer you a more unique experience. The worldwide famous ones will help you to taste the books you read again in ballet format.

What You Should Expect International Bodrum Ballet Festival?The 20th International Bodrum Ballet Festival will start with Harem. It is a show based on Ottoman and Turkic culture. The show will be enriched with classical Turkish music instruments; naqareh, ney, qanun, and more.

The festival will continue with The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We all read this magnificent book by Victor Hugo. A big love between Quasimodo and Esmeralda will be reforged in Bodrum Castle, with a brilliant ballet show.

The next show at the festival will be A Passage to Bollywood. It will be performed by Navdhara India Dance Theatre. They will perform a beautiful ballet show with a mixture of traditional Indian music and modern Bollywood songs.

Next, the flamenco fire will burn the stage of the Bodrum Castle. Woman By Aaron Vivancos will have women’s power and influence in history as a main motif. The colorful show will combine love, compassion, courage, power, hope, and enjoyment.

As a last experience, we will experience the Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. We will get through the adventures of brave Don Quixote and his servant Sancho Panza. The ballet will be performed by Istanbul State Opera and Ballet.

Bodrum, Where Modern and Social Life Combines with Art and Culture

Bodrum, Where Modern and Social Life Combines with Art and CultureWe all know that Bodrum is a famous city for tourism. If you want to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea, it is one of the ideal places near the Aegean Sea. But, the wonderful Bodrum offers more and more.

It is nearly passed a month after Bodrum hosted the 7th International Bodrum Jazz Festival in June 2023. It is a wonderful place to experience international cultural events. There are amazing performances, events, and activities that take place in Bodrum all year long.

Bodrum is a perfect location for both those who want to be near the sea and don’t want to be far from cultural activities. The area is already a historically rich place. But, it also offers an ideal combination of social and cultural life.

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