What Makes Bodrum and the Real Estate within so Popular?

There are a number of reasons why real estate in Bodrum is so popular. To sum it up in a short sentence, we can count the weather, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, beautiful bays, astonishing islands, evergreen landscapes, rich cultural heritage, historical sites, and without a doubt a wide range of amenities.

People who get a taste of what living in Bodrum Turkey are like, start searching for properties here. Sometimes they look for seasonal holiday homes. Sometimes they look for comfortable apartments for permanent residence. Let’s get to know Bodrum better to grasp what kind of lifestyle it offers before getting into the most popular types of real estate in Bodrum.

Explore the Charms of Bodrum

Exploring the charms of Bodrum is as easy as a pie thanks to the wide transportation network and options in Bodrum. You should empty out plenty of time off your schedule because there are so many places to explore and so many things to do in Bodrum Turkey. Let’s get started!

Sunbathe in the Beautiful Sandy Beaches in Bodrum TurkeySunbathe in the Beautiful Sandy Beaches in Bodrum Turkey

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Bodrum a paradise for people who want to have a beach holiday, as there are more than 60 blue-flagged sandy beaches on this beautiful peninsula. You might even have heard of the fame of the beaches in Bodrum Turkey before anywhere else in this country.

The famous beaches of Bodrum, such as Bitez Beach, Gümüşlük Beach, Yalıkavak Beach, Camel Beach, Yahsi Beach, and Aspat Beach, attract millions of holidaymakers every year. The astonishing beaches of Bodrum captivate the hearts of their visitors with their golden sand, seemingly endless turquoise waters, and evergreen surroundings.

Since these beaches are packed during the summer season due to high popularity, we advise you to take your trip in spring. Benefiting from the Mediterranean Climate, the mild and warm weather in Bodrum Turkey makes it possible to swim in the spring season as well.

If you’re in search of a more tranquil and peaceful beach holiday during the summer season, you might prefer the beaches in rather less known places like Kargıcak Bay, Peksimet Village, Mazı Village, or Koyunbaba Village. However, you should make more preparations since there are fewer amenities in these areas as they are more out of sight.

Explore the Hidden Gems: Islands Near Bodrum

Being home to many islands is very characteristic of the Aegean Sea. Lying on the shores of the Aegean Sea, Bodrum naturally neighbors some of the most astonishing islands. Some of the islands are decorated with many chic restaurants, stylish cafes, and traditional houses. On the other hand, some of the islands are uninhabited with many hidden gems waiting for discovery.

You can have a fancy meal while gazing upon some of the most captivating sceneries, lay down and relax on the golden beaches, go fishing, scuba diving, parasailing, or do lots of other types of water sports while you are there.

On top of it, they are easily accessible from Bodrum. There are ferries and yacht tours from Bodrum to these islands at regular intervals. It’s possible to arrange private tours as well. Some of the must-see islands when you’re in Bodrum are as follows;

  • Sedir Island (Cleopatra Island); which is famous for its white sandy beach,
  • Kara Ada (Black Island); which is popular for yacht tours,
  • Kargı Island; which is famous for parasailing,
  • Orak Island; which is famous for underwater sports,
  • Göcek Island; which is famous for its sandy beach.

Kos (İstanköy) Island, Leros (İleryoz) Island, Kalymnos Island, Patmos (Batraz) Island, and Rhodes (Rodos) Island, which are worldwide known tourist destinations, are easily accessible from Bodrum as well. But, since these islands fall under the jurisdiction of Greece, you might need an additional visa for a trip depending on your home country.

Witness the Rich History of BodrumWitness the Rich History of Bodrum

Bodrum is more famous for its picturesque beauties, but this alone does not indicate that the city does not have a rich history. The port city Bodrum has seen the rules of Greeks, Persians, Romans, and Ottomans. It was known by the names of Halicarnassus and Petronium throughout its long history. Although the city has faced serious devastation caused by natural disasters and pirate attacks, it still is home to many historical sites.

The very first site that history enthusiasts must-see in Bodrum is the Castle of St. Peter, also known as Bodrum Castle. The castle dating back to the 15th century respectively showcases the aspects of English, French, Italian, and German architecture in its towers. The castle inscribed in the Tentative List of World Heritage Sites also contains the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

The museum regarded as the second largest in the world in its field features fourteen exhibition halls filled with antiquities. The oldest shipwreck on display in a museum, approximately 3.500 years old ship, is in this museum. It continues to be one of the top tourist attractions in Bodrum Turkey.

The ruins of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus are also one of the must-see historical sites in Bodrum. The tomb designed by Greek architects in the 4th century BC was once defined as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Even though it got destroyed by earthquakes over the years, the ruins of the mausoleum, soon to be turned into an open-air museum, continue to attract visitors.

Bargylia Ancient City is another place you must stop by. Bargylia was a city on the western coast of the ancient Caria in the 5th century BC. Nowadays, the remnants of a temple, a theatre, a large defensive wall, and a palaestra (gymnasium) welcome visitors. You can also watch the migrant birds including flamingos if you visit here in the right season.

Grab a Bite in the Presence of Impressive Views

Bodrum is one of the best places to take your loved ones for a fancy meal. Just like the mesmerizing scenery of Bodrum further enhances your every other experience here, it also makes your meals here unforgettable. You can find some of the chicest restaurants in Bodrum that offer a wide variety of meals from different cuisines in Yalıkavak and Göltürkbükü coastal towns.

You can prefer Güvercinlik to get a little bit more local. Güvercinlik is an old fishing village that has somewhat managed to preserve its traditional atmosphere. You can taste a wide variety of seafood in the presence of a nice view. Bargylia is another place you must drop by for a feast of delicious seafood.

There is no way we can skip Gümüşlük Village when it comes to dining. Gümüşlük accommodates one of the most stylish and unique seaside restaurants you’ll ever see. However, we must warn you that the place is packed during summer due to its high popularity.

Ease Your Mind with a Wide Variety of Activities

If we talk about leisure activities to do in Bodrum, the very first thing that comes to mind would be the concerts in Bodrum Amphitheatre. Bodrum Amphitheatre offers a warming and unforgettable open-air music experience in an almost 2.500 years old Ancient Greek theatre.

Cultural activities in Bodrum aren’t just limited to concerts in the amphitheater. As a developed tourism destination, Bodrum naturally hosts many cultural activities; music, dance, cinema, and theatre festivals, exhibitions, gastronomy fairs, and many more.

Just like we’ve briefly mentioned above, Bodrum is also a paradise for outdoor activities, especially for water sports, owing to its wonderful weather. Paragliding, parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, jet-skiing, yacht tours, and fishing are some of the best things to do in Bodrum Turkey.

There is one more thing you should not miss when you come to Bodrum: taking a walk to Küçük Tavşan Adası through the sea to feed some rabbits. Küçük Tavşan Adası, which literally translates as Little Rabbit Island, is a pair of adjacent islands near Gümüşlük Village in Bodrum. The islands can be accessed by walking on a path through the shallow sea.

On top of offering a wide variety of activities, Bodrum also offers easy access to other beautiful destinations. Bodrum’s central location among famous holiday centers and its proximity to them make it the best starting point for people who love to discover new places. Bodrum is only 49 km from Milas, 108 km from Marmaris, 118 km from Didim, 169 km from Köyceğiz, and 197 km from Dalaman.

Where to Stay During Your Trip to BodrumExplore the Hidden Gems: Islands Near Bodrum

Hotels and resorts are the first options that come to mind when talking about accommodation. But it must be clear by now that it’s going to take a lot longer than just a few days to discover the beauties of Bodrum. So it would be much better to get yourself a holiday home and divide your trip into several holiday seasons to enjoy Bodrum thoroughly.

Lucky for you, Bodrum’s charms and the advantageous real estate market in Turkey allow you to gain high profit from the home you purchased when you are not using it. Stylistic white-washed homes for sale in Bodrum Turkey with blue doors and windows certainly draw the attention of visitors.

When added their modern features and functionality, it’s no surprise that they are widely preferred as holiday homes. Bodrum attracts holiday-makers throughout the year owing to its convenient climate. This means you can easily rent out your house as a holiday home and gain a high rental income.

If the prices of the houses and villas in Bodrum exceed your budget, there are more affordable options as well. Apartments for sale in Bodrum do not only have advantageous prices but also have comfortable features as well. With the rise of brand new contemporary developments steadily, more options become available each day. Have no doubt that you’ll be able to find the ideal one for yourself easily.

If you have any questions on how to buy property in Turkey, you can check out our Buying Guide. If any of the chic properties caught your eye and you don’t wanna miss it but don’t have time to travel at the moment, rest assured!

You can now buy properties remotely without any trouble through our TeleProperty ® service. Our real estate agents in Bodrum Turkey can follow up on all the procedures in your stead and inform you through visual communication channels. Feel free to contact us for further information!

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