Best International Schools in Ankara; Application, Costs and More

One of the concerns of families who settled down in Ankara is of course choosing schools for their children. Language differences, cultural differences of other countries, accredited systems, and education systems confuse people to make decisions.

Our content focuses on all shades of choosing international schools in Ankara. To questions, you can add a comment on the content.

How Do I Choose the Best International School for My Child?

children looking at tablet in classThere is no single answer, unfortunately. For international students accredited systems hold importance. Ankara has respectful international schools and double certificate programs recognized U.S., U.K, EU, and more.

In Ankara, the top known internationally accredited systems are IB (International Baccalaureate) and CIS ( Council of International Schools). These systems aim to provide makes understanding necessities of being a world citizen as well as access to recognized universities. Those learning philosophies aim to assist students.

Language differences are the most worrying cases of choosing schools. Schools in Ankara mostly have English as the medium of instruction. There are a small number of schools with Arabic, French, and German teaching languages.

Another significant aspect is undoubtedly school services. Most schools are indeed highly clear about services. Most of the time, it offers to reach with just a click on their website about their services. Those services are diverse, ranging from sports facilities to special learning necessities.

The other subject relevant to families is whether to provide transportation to schools or not. School administrations generally give information about transportation. Most of the time, schools have contracts with private bus companies.

Requirements of the Application of International Ankara Schools

person marking papers with a stampRequirements changed depending on the student's level and school type. For instance, some of the schools ask for personal statements. In most cases, the most important thing is the student visa.

Student Visa:

Visa requirements are changing at every level of education. Students who are in preschool, primary school, middle, and high school need visa confirmation as the reason for their stay. These documents can obtain foreign representations of the Republic of Turkey.

Tuition Fees:

The fees vary predictably from school to school. But especially government schools get the attention of the affordable prices with international accredited programs. In addition, to benefits extracurricular activities paid extra payments. Plus, school meals and bus services costs are different payment plans.

Sample of the Ankara International Schools and International Accreditation Programs

1- Oasis International School Ankara

Located in Gölbaşı Ankara, Oasis seeks the attention of its academic, mental, and physically balanced program. It is one of the English language schools in Ankara Turkey accepts non-native English-speaker students.

a large group of people front of a buildingThe school has an extracurricular program, NILD therapy for special learning needs to 2-12 grade. Every year, athletic competition events with other private schools in several sports types.

Oasis Internation School has also a tuition assistance program for those who necessary to financial help to continue their education. This program is designed to provide financial support. It does not cover all tuition fees.

Fees: Fees start at 13.500 USD without KDV(tax) at the Kindergarten level for the current 2023-2024 academic year. In addition to the total fee, it can be paid the capital fee.

2- Ankara Private Tevfik Fikret Schools

Ankara Private Tevfik Fikret Schools having LabelFrancÉducation in the degree of high schools in Ankara Turkey. LabelFrancÉducation recognized as the French government and representations.

Plus, it is available at special agreements and networks with respected universities in Turkey such as Galatasaray University.

The school accepted 3-age to 12-grade students. However, priority is given to the school’s own students. Candidate students are accepted according to the vacant quota except for the kindergarten level. For the kindergarten level, the candidate students acceptances through a lottery system.

Fees: The fees start at 116.262 TRY with KDV (tax) for the kindergarten level current school year.

students throwing caps to air front of a school3- Türk Telekom Mehmet Kaplan Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi

It is a government high school in Ankara. It is one of the IB schools in Ankara. This school is especially interesting for those who looking for affordable international schools in Ankara.

The IB program covers two years, including 10 and 11-grade levels and the tuition fee is 2500 EUR.

4- Ankara METU Development Foundation Private Schools

The schools in the Middle East Technical University Campus in Ankara. The students are accepted from preschool to high school. It is one of the most successful schools in Turkey and applies its own exam for applications.

You can see more Ankara schools in following the table, listed according to features. For more information, you can visit our relevant webpage or make appointments with the schools.

SchoolsAccredited SystemsLanguage
Ahmet Ulusoy CollegeIBEnglish
Al Fayez International SchoolIGCSEArabic and English
Bilkent Labotary International SchoolIB and CISEnglish
Bilkent Middle SchoolIBEnglish
British Embassy SchoolCOBISEnglish
Ernst Reuter SchuleIB and ERSEnglish and German
Gazi University Foundation Anatolian High SchoolIBEnglish
TED Ankara CollegeIBEnglish
Private Nesibe Aydın SchoolsIBEnglish
Private Arı SchoolsIBEnglish
Private Yüce SchoolsIBEnglish


Q: Are there any scholarships or financial aid options available at international schools in Ankara?
A: Yes, in general, schools offer scholarships or financial aid based on need.

Q: Do international schools in Ankara provide support for non-native English speakers?
A: The answer changes according to the terms of acceptance of school. Some schools have programs for non-native English speakers like Oasis International School. In most cases, the schools offer English language courses to support them.

Q: What is the student-teacher ratio at international schools in Ankara?
A: In general, most schools have small class sizes of 10-15 numbers of students. For special learning groups, these numbers are smaller.

Q: Are there any international schools in Ankara that offer boarding facilities?
A: Beştepe College, accredited by the IB, offers boarding options.

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