Our Chairman Bayram Tekçe is the New President of GİGDER

Bayram Tekçe, the founder of our company, Tekce Overseas, is elected as Chairman of GİGDER (Real Estate International Promotion Association) in the new term. Mr. Tekçe has been selected as the voice of the primary real estate export association of Türkiye, representing the country on the global business stage.

Prior to this role, Bayram Tekçe has been the Founding Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, since he had a remarkable impact on the association’s foundation. From that time on, he also served as the Chairman of the Research and Publications Committee. Now with this groundbreaking news, he will continue to contribute to the country’s real estate export activities under the roof of GİGDER as the director of the association.

From Day One to the Present Day

From Day One to the Present Day GİGDER, an organization that actively represents the companies that facilitate secure international investments in Türkiye on the global business network, was founded in 2020 through the collaborative efforts of Ömer Faruk Akbal and Bayram Tekçe.

Since its foundation, Ömer Faruk Akbal has been undertaking the role of being the primary director of the association. In the general assembly held on November 8, 2023, at Liv City Hotel Istanbul, Mr. Tekçe has been elected as the president of the board of directors. Bayram Tekçe accepted this new role in the association with pride by proposing to offer an honorary presidency to the founding president, Faruk Akbal.

Always Aiming Higher for a Better Future

Mr. Tekce gave an inspirational speech during the assembly by stating that he proudly undertakes his new role as president by saying “We will take the necessary steps to establish the legal infrastructure for the real estate export ecosystem. I wholeheartedly believe that we will advance our association in the new term with a spirit of cooperation and solidarity”.

During his speech, he emphasized that the new era supported by the innovative vision and admirable spirit of a strong management team will bring higher achievements in the near future. Mr. Tekçe also stated that he is committed to maximizing the security of global investors by protecting the rights of all parties, creating a safe space for businesses, and representing Türkiye on the global stage.

As the Antalya Homes ® team, we proudly congratulate our founder Bayram Tekçe on his new leadership role under the roof of GİGDER.

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Created: 10.11.2023, 10.00Updated: 14.11.2023, 14.36
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