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Flats for Sale in Muratpaşa, Antalya | Apartments in Muratpaşa

Antalya is a worldwide famous city with its long beaches, tourist resorts, historical places, and outstanding touristic facilities. And Muratpasa is the heart of Antalya. Muratpasa is the central district of the city and it was “the city” in history. In history, if somebody mentions Antalya, they were actually mentioning the place today called Muratpasa. In short, when the founder of Turkey, Ataturk said the famous quote “Without a doubt, Antalya is the most beautiful place on the Earth.”, Antalya was only the area that is today called Muratpasa.

The population of Muratpasa is around 550 thousand. The low density of population is only a minor reason that makes the Muratpasa among ideal districts in Antalya. The Old Town, Isiklar Caddesi, Lara, and Antalya’s most famous shopping centers TerraCity and MarkAntalya are all located in the Muratpasa district.

The Heart of Antalya: Muratpasa

The city of Antalya, and of course Muratpasa, was founded in 2 century BC, by the Kingdom of Pergamon. Starting from the Hellenic era, the area was ruled by different civilizations, which contributed to the historical richness and architecture of the city.

The name Antalya comes from the Pergamon Emperor II. Attalus. He ordered the establishment of the city. Attalus foresaw the strategically important location of the city and gave the order to build a city and port in the area. This city is the place today called the Old Town, (Kaleiçi in Turkish). The walls of the Old Town, which give a historical aspect to the modern city, remain still from the first construction of the city.

Later on, the Empire of Rome started to rule the city. The Hadrian’s Gate, (Üçkapılar or Hadrian Kapısı in Turkish) was built in honor of the Roman Emperor Hadrianus before his visit which makes Antalya a more prosperous place.

After the Pergamon Empire, Antalya went under the rule of the Roman Empire, Byzantine, Seljuk Empire, and Ottoman Empire respectively. The important location of the city through history bequeathed various historical sites to Antalya and Muratpasa.

Why You Should Choose Muratpasa to Live in Antalya?

Antalya has different districts and neighborhoods that offer various opportunities and amenities. But in Muratpasa, all social and daily advantages can be easily reached. It wouldn’t be false when Antalya is thought of as a country and the Muratpasa district is its capital and oldest habituated area. The other advantages of living and owning a flat in Muratpasa for sale:

Central Location

As Muratpasa is the central district of Antalya, it can meet all residential purposes, including holidays. Nestling between the inner end of Konyaalti to Lara, Muratpasa is a wide area. So, nearly all amenities can be reached within walking distance in Muratpasa, Antalya.

Transportation Facilities

For domestic public transportation in the city, Antalya has wide options. The modern light rail line connects the city from the airport to the intercity bus terminal, including Muratpasa station near the famous shopping center MarkAntalya, Ismetpasa station near the famous avenue Isiklar Caddesi, and Dogu Garajı. The busses in the city center always go through the Muratpasa district, which makes the way easy to travel between the beautiful areas of the city.

Investment Opportunities

The Muratpasa district is the economic, social, and cultural center of the city. So, owning real estate in Muratpasa Antalya will ensure investors’ income in the near future, thanks to the fast development of the area.

Tourism Center

The Muratpasa district is not the first place that tourists stay, as the district actually not a holiday resort. But, there are also numerous tourist accommodations and facilities. Also, tourists staying in the other districts usually have a visit to the Muratpasa district. So, foreigners can easily have business opportunities through their foreign languages.

Which Property Type is Best to Buy in Muratpasa Antalya?

Muratpasa, Antalya is home to a wide real estate market that consists of different types of properties. So, for every desire, there is the right property in Muratpasa Antalya. In general, the apartments for sale in Muratpasa Antalya are the most preferred type of real estate.

Flats for sale in Muratpasa Antalya are available on high counts, thanks to the ongoing urban transformation projects in the district. The urban transformation projects are renovating the old buildings by demolishing and reconstructing them. So, buyers who decided to buy apartment in Muratpasa Antalya will experience easier and faster buying processes than other property types and there will be a wide variety to choose between.

Houses for sale in Muratpasa Antalya have an increasing demand. Most of them are luxury houses and newly built ones. They suit best buyers who want to live in spacious interior and exterior usage areas.

Antalya is located in a place surrounded by large green areas and extensive plains. On these plains, there are various lands suitable for constructing your own house or using for a commercial purpose such as owning your own farm. So, land for sale in Muratpasa Antalya is suitable for either constructing your own house or using it as an investment asset.

International real estate investors started to change their aim to one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities, Antalya. The city and especially its center, the Muratpasa district is home to numerous commercial and investment opportunities. As the city is a focal tourist point in the country, international cosmopolitanism gives more than a character to the city. So, the commercial property in Muratpasa Antalya suits the best investors who are looking for high-income potential both in the short and long term.

Antalya is among the best cities in Turkey to live or invest in. While the Muratpasa district is ideal for those who are looking for central living in this Mediterranean city, Antalya Homes also gives the modern, easiest, and fastest solutions while buying real estate in Antalya. Contacting us is enough to get the best services from our professional team.

Flats for Sale in Muratpaşa, Antalya | Apartments in Muratpaşa
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