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Land for Sale in Trabzon | Plots in Trabzon

Land for Sale in Trabzon | Plots in TrabzonAntalya Homes ® offers a wide variety of lands for sale in Trabzon. Lands in the evergreen city Trabzon have usage for agricultural, residential, and commercial purposes.

Trabzon, also known by the names Trezibond and Trapezous throughout its long history, is a coastal city in the northeast of Turkey. The city, lying on the southern shores of the Black Sea, is surrounded by the Pontic Mountains on the south. Greek historical sources cite that Trabzon’s history as a settlement date back to 756 BC and was founded by Milesian traders from Sinop. For centuries, Trabzon has been a part of the famous trade route between Europe and Central Asia named Silk Road. The city has hosted many great civilizations owing to its geopolitical significance as a major port on the Silk Road and a natural fortress backed by the mighty Pontic Mountains. As a result of this, the city that has seen the rules of Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Mongols, Ottomans, and Russians for a brief time period has become a melting pot of different cultures, religions, and languages. Currently, many of the artifacts and structures that have been built by the ancient inhabitants of the city are well preserved and constitute one of the major attraction points of Trabzon. Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia Museum), the mosque and museum of Gulbahar Hatun, Vazelon Monastery, Sumela Monastery, Trabzon Castle, Fatih Mosque (Panagia Khrysokephalos Church), Yeni Cuma Mosque (Agios Eugenios Church), Kalepark (Leonkastron) are only some of the must see historical structures in Trabzon.

Trabzon does not only draw attention with its rich cultural background but with its beautiful nature as well. The region benefiting from humid oceanic and subtropical climates is covered with pine forests, providing the inhabitants of Trabzon with a magnificent evergreen forest view. The wonderful scenery of the lakes of Uzungöl, Çakırgöl, Sera, and Haldizen is also a sight to be seen. Trabzon Botanical Park, Altindere Valley National Park, and cave churches are some of the other natural beauties in Trabzon. For those who want to live in a serene area surrounded by scenic beauties, Trabzon definitely is the right place. You can buy one of the sea, lake, or forest view houses for sale in Trabzon and lead a peaceful and comfortable life here.

While Trabzon offers a tranquil lifestyle, it carries on to be a significant trade center owing to its port and buoyant economy. For this reason, Trabzon is a good choice for starting up a business or making an investment by buying real estate in Turkey.

Economic Life in Trabzon

Trabzon has a buoyant economy not only because it’s a port city but because of its vast production of raw materials and consumer goods as well. While agricultural activities and husbandry are some of the major sources of income in the city, raw materials like copper, silver, zinc, and iron are also produced in the area.

Whether you want to settle in or make an investment here, there are many properties in Trabzon for sale. Because Trabzon has a convenient environment for agricultural production buying land in Trabzon seems like the best investment option. But if you don’t have enough time for agricultural activities and want to make a profitable investment, you may consider buying an apartment in Trabzon and renting it out.

Lands in Trabzon

Trabzon offers many lands for sale for you to buy, but there are a few things to keep in mind before making a purchase. First of all, you should decide on what to do with your land. Lands for sale in Trabzon have usage for agricultural, residential, and commercial purposes. When you are making an investment by agricultural, residential, or commercial means, you’ll need different permits for each activity area. Therefore you need to check if the land is suitable for your choice of activity.

Secondly, location is one of the most important factors of a successful investment. When you are making an investment by any means, you have to make sure that the location of the land has convenient environmental conditions for your investment method.

After you decide on your investment method, we are ready to give you the assistance you need for finding suitable land for your investment. Land types in Trabzon are as follows;

Agricultural Lands: As cited before, agricultural activities are one of the major sources of income in Trabzon. Some agricultural products require specific climate and environmental conditions and can be cultivated only in some parts of the world. Hazelnuts and tea are some of the prime examples of this. While Turkey singlehandedly produces more than half of the hazelnuts consumed in the world, it’s also the 6th biggest tea producer in the world. Trabzon fulfilling the climate and environmental conditions required for cultivating these products naturally take the stage among other cities. Investing in the farm land for sale in Trabzon and producing hazelnuts and tea is sure to get you lots of profit. And if you just want to live in a tranquil area and cultivate your own vegetables and fruits there are many farms for sale in Trabzon as well.

Residential Lands: Lately Trabzon has been drawing the attention of the people who want to lead a comfortable and tranquil life with its beautiful nature and many historical artifacts. As a result of this, the demand for accommodation in the city has risen incredibly. Because a lot of the people who want to settle in here search for houses, villas, apartments, etc, buying residential land and constructing on it is a profitable way for making an investment.

Commercial Lands: Since Trabzon is an important port city the demand for commercial real estate in Trabzon is quite high. You can make a profitable investment by buying land and constructing commercial properties like warehouses and factories.

Contact us now or visit our office in Trabzon for more detailed information on lands in Trabzon.

Land for Sale in Trabzon | Plots in Trabzon
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