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Land for Sale in Mersin | Plots in Mersin

Antalya Homes ® offers a wide variety of land for sale in Mersin. Check out our daily updated listing page to find detailed information on lands in Mersin, prices, payment plans, and more!

Mersin is the 11th biggest city in Turkey in terms of population and is also one of the biggest cities both in the Mediterranean Region and Turkey in terms of economy. This situation makes buying land in Mersin a profitable investment option just like other types of real estate in Turkey’s other popular cities. But what makes Mersin so important economically and attracts investors alike? Let’s examine it a bit more closely.

Mersin is located on the southern coast of Turkey, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Geographically, the city is bordered by the mighty Taurus Mountains from the north. Its neighbors are the provinces of Adana on the east, Niğde, Konya, and Karaman on the north, and Antalya on the west.

Mersin’s strategic location and advantageous geographical conditions have enabled it to become a large producer of industrial and agricultural goods, a lively business center, a trade gateway to the world, and a popular holiday destination.

First of all, Mersin’s coves and bays have contributed it to becoming an important port city. Today, Mersin has the second largest port in Turkey after the Ambarlı Port near İstanbul and a large volume of foreign trade of Turkey is handled through this port. For this reason, Mersin is one of the 4 free trade areas in Turkey.

The goods produced in the cities throughout Turkey, and especially in the provinces of Adana, Mersin, and Konya, are shipped to 5 continents through this port. Every year, more than 6,000 ships come and go to this port for the import or export of goods.

The existence of such a large port has contributed to the development of the industry in the province. Nowadays, Mersin contributes greatly to industrial production in Turkey with its several organized industrial zones. Mersin’s free trade area and organized industrial zones accommodate more than 300 companies and numerous factories.

Mersin also contributes greatly to the agricultural production of Turkey. The mild and humid subtropical Mediterranean climate and the fertile soil in the region enable the cultivation of a wide variety of vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts and seeds, and grains.

Citrus fruits, bananas, strawberries, almonds, carob, marrow, avocado, and peanut are some of the most important agricultural goods cultivated in Mersin. Moreover, Mersin is the top producer of some of the highly consumed fruits like bananas, strawberries, and lemon.

The diversity of economical activities in Mersin makes it one of the best cities to invest in real estate. In this aspect, land in Mersin takes the spotlight due to its versatility.

Investors’ Choice: Land for Sale in Mersin

Land becomes one of the most preferred options among properties in Mersin for sale for investors because of its versatile characteristics. Indeed, land in Mersin can be utilized in different sectors. Some of these include construction, agriculture, industry, and tourism. This makes them a good investment option for both small investors and big investors. Let’s examine what types of land are there in Mersin a bit more closely.

Types of Land for Sale in Mersin

We can divide the land in Mersin into 3 main categories. These categories are agricultural land, commercial land, and residential land.

• Commercial Land: Commercial land is the type of land that can be used for the construction of commercial properties. Although each may require different permits for construction, commercial lands can be utilized as a plot to build a warehouse, factory, shopping center, business center, hotel, hospital, mall, store, dining place, or shop.

Since there is a high demand for commercial real estate in Mersin due to its buoyant economy and lively market, land that can be used for commercial purposes also attract the attention of investors and construction companies. Currently, it’s still possible to find commercial land in Mersin in some districts.

The most popular location to buy commercial land in Mersin is the district of Akdeniz. This metropolitan district is where some of the organized industrial zones in Mersin are located. Therefore, the prices of commercial land in this district are higher than in other districts. The prices in the Tarsus district aren’t much different due to its location between the Akdeniz district and Adana province.

On the other hand, the Toroslar district is the place where you can find cheaper commercial land. The prices of land per square meter are lower compared to the aforementioned districts.

• Agricultural Land: As we’ve mentioned above, Mersin is a haven for agricultural production. Therefore, there is a lot of farmland for sale in Mersin to invest in. However, due to the city’s industrial and touristic texture, it’s not possible to easily find agricultural land in Mersin in all districts.

For example, the possibility to find agricultural land or farms for sale in Mersin, in the metropolitan districts of Mezitli, Yenişehir, and Akdeniz is near zero. The district of Toroslar is an exception in this case. Since the district covers a large area up to the outskirts of the Taurus Mountains, it also features land suitable for agricultural purposes. However, they are more pricey due to their central location.

On the other hand, the possibility of finding suitable agricultural land in peripheral districts like Mut, Gülnar, Anamur, and Bozyazı is much higher. In addition, the prices per square meter are much more affordable.

• Residential Land: This type of land is suitable for the construction of apartments, detached houses, townhouses, and villas. In large cities that attract workers and visitors from all around the world, residential land is by far the most preferred land type by constructors and investors.

In these cities, the demand for housing is never-ending. The situation is not very different for Mersin either, apartments and houses for sale in Mersin grab the attention of both local and foreign real estate investors. Mersin attracts workers from all around Turkey with its buoyant economy and homebuyers from all around the world with its enviable living conditions.

This situation makes buying residential land and building residential complexes on them a very lucrative option for construction companies. Currently, the districts of Mezitli, Yenişehir, Erdemli, and Toroslar are places where you can easily find residential land. Due to being a metropolitan district, residential land in Mezitli and Yenişehir districts is more pricey.

Although Toroslar is also one of the metropolitan districts, the prices here are lower compared to Mezitli and Yenişehir as it’s located in the northern parts of the city. On the other hand, the peripheral district of Erdemli has become the investment choice of many in recent years. This district is very promising as it’s both close to the Mezitli district and has a long coastline.

People who want to buy an apartment in Mersin for investment purposes have started to consider buying residential land in Erdemli because of the rapid growth of the district.

Now you know the essentials of buying land in Mersin. Don’t hesitate to contact our local experts for further questions and available options.

Land for Sale in Mersin | Plots in Mersin
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