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Land for Sale in Kocaeli | Plots in Kocaeli

There are many types of lands for sale in Kocaeli. Depending on the purpose of usage, types may differ because of the eligibility. Some lands are permitted for agricultural activities, some are suitable for construction. You may want to consider determining your purpose before purchasing farmland or residential land in Kocaeli.

Buy a Land for Agricultural Usage: Rural Life in Kocaeli

Having 2 different shores on the Marmara and the Black Sea coast is one of the greatest advantages of the city of Kocaeli. The city is bordered by Istanbul on the west, Bursa on the south, and Sakarya on the east. Being that close to Istanbul, the most important import & export center of Turkey makes the city a significant production center. The wide range of commercial property in Kocaeli makes the city a significant business center. Most of the population’s livelihood depends on farming, livestock, and industry. Each year the amount of cultivation is nearly 100.000 tons. Especially the orcharding plays a major role in the agriculture market. Apples, sweet and sour cherries, plums, grapes, and mulberries are the most common fruits grown in this region. Other than that, most of the need for legumes is provided by Kocaeli. The most common types of legume can be sorted as barley, wheat, corn, tobacco, soybean, etc. A big part of the livestock activities focused on the Gebze, Kandıra, and Izmit regions. If you are looking for agricultural land in Marmara; the convenient climate of both regions affected the environmental conditions of Kocaeli which makes the city a perfect place for professions of agriculture and livestock.

Purchasing a Land for a Property Construction: Residing in Kocaeli

Land for Sale in Kocaeli | Plots in KocaeliAfter the earthquake of August 17, 1999; the urban texture of the city has visibly changed. In parallel with the regulations in the construction law, many of the unsafe buildings threatening human life were detected by the government and demolished to eliminate the dangers of earthquakes. The new real estate in Kocaeli built after the year 1999 was closely examined by the authorities. Especially after 2010, the population of Istanbul raised rapidly. This affected the lifestyle and the urban texture of nearby cities because most of the population in Istanbul spread to nearby settlements. In parallel with the growth and crowd of the nearby cities such as Kocaeli, the construction market is positively affected by these changes. The designs of properties are diversified when it comes to flats for sale in Kocaeli. New constructions spread to rural areas and more customized and private spaces became more important day by day. There is a wide range of residential properties such as villas for sale in Kocaeli. Are you a fan of the more customized designs of the exterior and interior living spaces? Then the land for sale in Kocaeli with a ready-to-built project or without will be the best option for you. If you want to buy land in Kocaeli to build your dream house, you need to make sure that the land has the correct permit for residential construction.

Land for Sale in Kocaeli | Plots in Kocaeli
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