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Land for Sale in Keçiören, Ankara | Plots in Keçiören

Keçiören is a region that covers a large part of the capital, Ankara, with an area of about ​​199 square km. Keçiören extends from the center of the capital starting from the main road D400 in a longitudinal manner for a distance of 29 km in the north. It is bordered on the east by the Altindağ and Bursaklar districts, and on the west by the Kazan and Yenimahalle districts, and from the south, the center of the capital and the rest of its parts. The ring road crosses Keçiören, this road goes around the whole city, linking all highways and main roads entering or passing by the city. İncludes in its southern section a large part of the city center.

Land for Sale in Keçiören, Ankara | Plots in KeçiörenHow is life in Keçiören, Ankara?

Keçiören is an area that enjoys all the facilities of advanced civil life in its southern half, where prestigious universities and advanced civil life with its facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, etc. And it enjoys tranquility where nature lies in its northern part, where the suburbs, villages, agricultural lands, forests, memorial gardens, and agricultural projects, It has Lake Kösrelik, which is fed by the Uludere river that enters the area from the east side, and also from the north there is Güvenç Lake, which is fed by the Kayaönü river. Another small river called Azman enters the area from its northeastern end. The area, with an average height of about 850 meters above sea level, and its terrain is dominated by steppes and hills, and shrubs cover large areas of it, and vines and fruit trees are commonly planted here, this is what makes it a desirable area for agricultural investment, so it's a very good option for those who are looking for land for sale in Turkey. Keçiören also has a historical and cultural heritage and shares this legacy with the whole of Ankara and the surrounding area where ancient civilizations lived here throughout history, here where you can see many monuments that could survive till today such as Haji Bayram Mosque, Roman Baths, Augustus Temple, Esztergom Castle, and Akköprü, and many more. The area also includes many hiking places such as the Keçiören Wildlife Park, the wonderful Esertepe Park, Ihlamur Valley, the Keçiören Waterfalls, the Smurfs Village (Şirinler Köyü), Horse Farm Park, and many other parks and beautiful sites.

Real estate in Keçiören in the capital, Ankara:

If you are looking for a property in Keçiören, Ankara for sale, this region is one of the ideal options where you can find all kinds of real estate that offer you great opportunities, whether you are looking for investment or want to move to live in the area, or maybe you want to live and invest together!

If you are looking to start a new life amidst the facilities and live a city lifestyle where you can secure all your needs within walking distance and enjoy the colorful city life, you can buy an apartment in Keçiören, Ankara. But if you are looking for a new less hustle place and enjoy the peace and the fresh air without moving too far from the city amenities, then the villas and houses for sale in Keçiören, Ankara are the choice where you can find your dream. Other than that, there are many investment options like, commercial real estate in Keçiören Ankara, If this is what you are looking for. As we mentioned earlier, Since the area extends from the heart of the capital towards the suburbs, the options such as a store, shop, warehouse, or office are all available options, but the fact that the area in its upper section is having urban developments as a result of the increasing demand for new housing, the purchase of any property in this section is counted as a feasible investment. The best of all is buying land, land for sale in Keçiören Ankara is one of the best investment projects that can be suitable for various project ideas, whether it is a residential project to build your own house or a commercial project for investment purposes to build your workshop, a headquarter for your company. Or perhaps, your choice is to buy farmland in Keçiören Ankara to create your own farm, you can also choose to search for a ready-made agricultural project among the farms for sale in Keçiören, Ankara.

Ankara, Kecioren, Property KeciorenWhat is important to know before buying a plot in Keçiören, Ankara?

It is worth noting that you should know that lands differ in their use permits, so when you intend to buy land in Keçiören Ankara or in Turkey in general, it would be better to have specified the purpose of its use in advance. Some lands are designated for agriculture, and it is not possible to build a residential project there, while others have commercial customization and it would be useless to buy them for a residential project, and some of them are dedicated and suitable for residential projects. It depends entirely on the type of project you want to initiate. Generally, starting your project by buying land is one of the best investment options for a medium or long-term investment, in addition to that, you will not pay taxes for your land properties until you start building your project on it. Actually, to buy land in Keçiören, Ankara, or anywhere in Turkeyis an investment project in itself even if you do not build any project on it because as you know, the value of the land is constantly rising.

Most important of all, when you start your search to buy property in Turkey, you may be confused by the diversity of options and varying prices where you may find it difficult to make a decision, so it is very important to make sure to deal with an official, reliable and specialized real estate company to get the correct advice and to avoid unexpected predicaments. We, as Tekce Overseas Real Estate Company, have achieved leadership in this field over the years and are always keen to preserve our principle of Zero Failure as we conduct many deals while achieving happy and fully successful experiences for our valued customers. If you are looking for a good opportunity to buy any type of real estate in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us or visit one of our offices for more information.

Land for Sale in Keçiören, Ankara | Plots in Keçiören
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