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Land for Sale in Gölbaşı, Ankara | Plots in Gölbaşı

Antalya Homes ® offers a wide range of land for sale in Golbasi, Ankara. Check out our listing page to buy land in Golbasi, Ankara for agricultural, residential, or commercial purposes.

Golbasi District is one of the central districts of Ankara that is lying on 1300 sqm land. The district is surrounded by Bala District from the east, Yenimahalle District from the west, Haymana District from the south, and Cankaya District from the north is one of the most serene and charming districts in Ankara. Golbasi amazes visitors with its scenic beauties like Mogan Lake, Eymir Lake, and Beynam Ataturk Forest. The district offers many leisure activities such as sports activities like jogging on the lakeside, fishing, camping in the forest, bird watching, and cultural activities like festivals, exhibitions, concerts, theatres, movies as well.

Ankara, Golbasi, Golbasi City Center, Property GolbasiGolbasi, being one of the metropolitan districts of the capital, is not only a beautiful retreat but is a well developed town as well. All daily and social amenities will be within the grasp of your hands if you decide to settle here and get one of the houses for sale in Golbasi, Ankara. Additionally, Golbasi’s strategical location on the ring road surrounding Ankara allows you to reach any district of the city easily. Cankaya and Yenimahalle, the two liveliest districts of Ankara, are respectively only 18 and 21 km away from the district. You can also reach the hot springs of Haymana District with only 40 minutes drive. Hence getting a property in Golbasi, Ankara for sale is a great choice for both the people who want to live in a tranquil metropolitan area and people who want to make a profitable investment in Ankara.

Investment Opportunities in Golbasi, Ankara

Golbasi District is, without a doubt, a great choice for starting up a business for it fulfills the three major requirements of a successful enterprise; accessibility, visibility, and low rivalry. Whether you are planning to start up a new business or expand your existing business, you can easily find reasonably priced commercial real estate in Golbasi, Ankara. Since Golbasi has a high seasonal migration level owing to the existence of prominent universities and scenic beauties, another method for a profitable investment here would be buying an apartment in Golbasi, Ankara, and renting it out. But, if you want to make an investment on a bigger scale then you should consider buying land in Golbasi, Ankara.

Lands in Golbasi, Ankara

For years, investing in lands for sale in Turkey has been one of the most preferred methods of investment, and lands for sale in Golbasi, Ankara is no exception either. There are a number of reasons as to why buying land is the most preferred way for investing. First of all, it’s possible to utilize lands for different lines of work. Secondly, lands for sale usually are generous in terms of size, hence they provide the opportunity to make an investment on a larger scale. Last but not least, lands do not lose value over the passage of time but rather gain even more value owing to the developments in the area.

If you’ve decided on buying land in Golbasi, Ankara, there are various types of lands to choose from;

Ankara, Mogan LakeAgricultural Lands: Golbasi’s climate and soil is convenient for cultivating agricultural products like wheat, barley, oat, walnut, almond, pumpkin, pear, apricot, and many more. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables in your own garden by buying one of the farms for sale in Golbasi, Ankara. Also, there are many large farm land for sale in Golbasi, Ankara if you want to invest in the agricultural sector.

Residential Lands: There are many lands suitable for constructing residential properties in Golbasi, Ankara as well. After purchasing one of these lands, you can build your dream house to live in with your family or construct high rise buildings for a rewarding investment. Apartments with beautiful lake views are sure to get lots of attention.

Commercial Lands: As cited before Golbasi District offers many amenities for the people who want to establish a new business here. Consequently, the demand for commercial real estate in Golbasi, Ankara is quite high. You can make a lucrative investment here by constructing commercial properties like shops, stores, offices, business centers, and warehouses on these lands.

If you have any questions on how to purchase land for sale in Golbasi, Ankara, you can check out our guide for Property Purchasing in Turkey or call us.

Land for Sale in Gölbaşı, Ankara | Plots in Gölbaşı
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