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Land for Sale in Çankaya, Ankara | Plots in Çankaya

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Antalya Homes ® offers a wide variety of lands for sale in Cankaya, Ankara. Check out our detailed listing page to buy land in Cankaya, Ankara.

Cankaya is one of the metropolitan districts of the Turkish Republic’s capital city Ankara. Though Cankaya has a long history as a settlement just like the rest of Ankara’s districts, its significance has increased greatly after the declaration of Ankara as the capital in 1923. Before that time Cankaya District was known as a prominent trade center with its strategic location and its production of iron, copper, weaved textile products, and jewelry. Especially, the production of mohair (derived from Angora Goat) and Angora wool (derived from Angora Rabbit) was inhabitant’s one of the major sources of income. With the declaration of Ankara as the capital of the Turkish Republic, Cankaya has become the place of accommodation for governmental organizations. Many governmental organizations like the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM), Presidential Compound, ministries, General Staff of Turkish Armed Forces, land, air, and sea force commands, and 114 embassies reside in this district.

Since Cankaya is the heart of the country, it’s only natural for it to be one of the most developed districts in Turkey in terms of education, healthcare, trade, industrial production, transportation, and leisure activities. The district accommodates, some of them being the most prominent ones in Turkey in their respective fields, 12 universities, and 42 hospitals. As a result of this, every day Cankaya hosts more than 2 million people consisting of the working class, students, and visitors, and more than 925.000 of them reside here as of 2020. Hence, the district attracting many visitors throughout the whole year becomes one of the ideal places for making an investment.

Investing in Cankaya

In recent years, investing in real estate in Turkey has become one of the most preferred methods of investment, and Ankara, as it’s the capital of the country, offers many profitable options. There are many properties in Cankaya, Ankara for sale that you can utilize for different purposes. Since the demand for accommodation in Cankaya is very high, buying an apartment in Cankaya, Ankara, and renting it out is always a great choice for investment. Moreover, because houses for sale in Cankaya, Ankara are equipped top quality materials and luxurious features, they promise higher rental income.

Commercial real estate in Cankaya, Ankara holds great investment value as well since they are especially a good option for the people who want to establish a business here to make use of Cankaya’s population and advantages for businesses. But, the most lucrative way of investment would be buying land in Cankaya, Ankara.

Lands in Cankaya

Generally, buying land is one of the most preferred ways of making an investment. First of all, lands for sale are usually generous in terms of size and they offer a chance for making an investment on a bigger scale. Secondly, lands grant more options for investment since they can be used for various purposes. If you haven’t decided on how to evaluate your savings, you can always buy land and decide later.

The types of lands in Cankaya are as follows;

Residential Lands: As cited before, the demand for accommodation is quite high in this densely populated district. Naturally, centrally located apartments and exclusive houses in Cankaya draw attention. Hence residential lands in Cankaya are the perfect choice for making an investment on a bigger scale. You can make a great deal of profit by constructing and selling or renting apartments or detached houses on these lands.

Commercial Lands: Cankaya District stands out as a hub of commerce in Ankara as well. Many people from all over Ankara come to famous Kizilay Square, Tunalı Hilmi Street, and Askabat Street (7th Street) for shopping or dining in a fancy restaurant. So the district is a very good choice for establishing a business, especially if you are interested in the retail or hospitality industry. You won’t have any difficulty finding a tenant for the commercial property you’ve constructed on these lands. Moreover, commercial properties offer higher rental income than residential properties.

Agricultural Lands: Ankara’s climate is convenient for cultivating various agricultural products like wheat, barley, pear, apple, walnut, and sugar beet. But, as a result of Cankaya being a hub for governmental organizations and trade, it would be difficult to find farm land for sale in Cankaya, Ankara. Even if there aren’t many farms for sale in Cankaya, Ankara, it’s still possible to find farms for producing your own fruits and vegetables in the other districts of Ankara. If you are planning on making an investment in the agriculture sector you should check out the other lands for sale in Turkey as well.

If you have any questions about the buying process of land in Cankaya, Ankara, feel free to call us or visit our Ankara office!


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