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Land for Sale in Altındağ, Ankara | Plots in Altındağ

Altındağ District of Ankara is located in the Upper Sakarya Section in the northwest of the Central Anatolian Region. There are Çubuk and Pursaklar districts in the north of Altındağ, Keçiören and Yenimahalle in the west, Mamak in the south, Çankaya in the southwest, Akyurt, and Elmadağ in the east. The area of the district is 157.47 square kilometers. 31% of the district's surface area is mountainous, 6% is plain, and 3% is undulating land. It is 850 meters above sea level. The district has a flat terrain towards Keçiören, Yenimahalle, and Çankaya districts, and medium-height hills in the direction of Mamak and Çubuk. Its surface is surrounded by the İdris and Hüseyingazi mountains to the east of Ankara, the Etlik and Karyağdı mountains to the north, and the Ankara Plain. It is limited to the south by the Hatip and Ankara Streams.

The history of Altındağ is considered to be identical to the history of Ankara Castle. Its known history dates back to the Paleolithic ages.

It is known that the İçkale section of the Ankara Castle was open to settlement during the Hittites Period, which corresponds to 4000 - 1200 BC. After the Persian domination in 547 BC. Ankara, which was captured by the Galatians in 281, turned into a castle-city in this period. Ankara, BC. It joins the Roman lands in 25 BC. Later, Ankara was captured by the Turks in 1073. Alaaddin Mosque in İçkale and Arslanhane Mosque in Samanpazarı District are important works from the Seljuk Period. İn the 14th century Ankara, came under the rule of the Ilkhanate, the Eretna Principality, the Ahis, and then the Ottomans.

The city was first the center of the Greater Anatolian Province and then the Sanjak Center during the Ottoman Period. With the development of trade in the region, many inns and covered bazaars were built.

Declared as the capital city with the Republic, Ankara reaches its present appearance by building on its historical heritage. From the first years when it started to be a settlement center, Ankara was established and developed in the Altındağ Region. Ankara is an Anatolian town that appears around the castle with its mosques, inns, baths, and houses. Altındağ bears the traces of important thinkers and artists as well as architecture.

Where to visit in Altındağ?

Altındağ is a place that local and foreign tourists visiting Ankara do not go without seeing. This region, where the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, one of the most important civilization museums in the world, is located, also hosts other important museums such as Kurtuluş, Cumhuriyet, Ethnography, and Train Station.

Nearly 30 mosques belonging to the Seljuk and Ottoman Periods, which have survived for centuries, adorn the city with all its splendor. Suluhan Bazaar brings life to Altındağ with its trade, Çengelhan with its industrial museum, and Pirinçhan with its culture and art center. The Roman Bath, Temple of Augustus, Column of Julianus is the right address to embark on a mystical journey towards the Roman and Byzantine Empires. Altındağ is one of the richest examples of Anatolian mosaic with its cultural and historical riches, mosques, churches, and synagogues.

What are the advantages of living in Altındağ Ankara?

Besides all that you have enough good reasons to choose Altındağ if you are looking for buying real estate in Turkey. First of all, Altındağ is a big part of Ankara which is the capital of Turkey where you can find the best universities like Hacettepe, (METU / ODTÜ), and Ankara University, also it is the center of Turkey with easy access to all directions, easy and rich transportation system, and cheap living costs. A wide range of daily amenities will make your life more comfortable.

What kind of property for sale offers can be found in Altındağ, Ankara?

The Altindag district has a lot to offer for everyone. While you're looking for land for sale in Altındağ, Ankara, you may need to consider some conditions such as the location. To buy land in Altındağ, Ankara, you need first to specify your purpose and what kind of activities you are going to initiate on it, for example, if your project is farming related, you can check for farms for sale in Altındağ, Ankara. or farmland for sale in Altındağ, Ankara, where you can find the suitable options that are customed for farming. When you are looking for land or property for sale in Altındağ, Ankara, also you should know that you have commercial and residential options. İf you want to move to live in Ankara you canbuy an apartment for sale in Altındağ, Ankara. where you can find many advantages options also you can have a look at houses for sale in Altındağ, Ankara. for more luxury. You can check commercial real estate in Altındağ, Ankara as well, as another option if you are looking for a high-income commercial project or you want to establish your own new business.

Most important of all, when you are looking to buy a property in Altındağ, Ankara or Turkey in general, it is always better to deal with a well-known, experienced and reputable real estate company to have a successful and hassle-free experience. Antalya Homes, as a leading company in the real estate field, has achieved success over many years and delivered a lot of title deeds to foreign clients. Our motto in our work is to achieve a 100% happy experience for the customer and ensure the principle of zero failure in all our deals where we follow all procedures from the moment of start Looking for your suitable option to the last step when you receive your new title deed. If you are looking for any type of real estate in Turkey, just contact us or visit one of our offices to get more information.

Land for Sale in Altındağ, Ankara | Plots in Altındağ
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