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Land for Sale in Ankara | Plots in Ankara

Antalya Homes ® offers land for sale in Ankara Turkey. You can find plots with the necessary permits for investment or housing construction on our detailed list pages.

Owning a Land in Ankara with the Difference of Antalya Homes ®

Ankara, the largest city after Istanbul, is the political and administrative heart of Turkey. It is a city of 4.5 million people and the need for housing continues to increase. It has the status of a complete center in terms of culture and history, that is under the influence of different cultures of Anatolia from Ankara Castle to Roman Bath.

In addition to this rich culture, Ankara offers a rich cultural diversity as a constantly developing metropolis. Since the size of the province makes each region a life center of its own, each district has developed as a self-sufficient mini-metropolis and offers different investment opportunities.Land for Sale in Ankara | Plots in Ankara

Buy a Land in Ankara for Investment

Ankara is the second-largest city in Turkey in terms of acreage. Thanks to this space, it offers different types of lands including; farm land for sale or buying land for investment purposes. Thanks to its constantly developing structure and increasing urban transformation projects, Ankara has become a valuable region for investment real estate in Turkey.

Where to Invest in Ankara property for sale?


Etimesgut, which has made a name for itself in recent years as one of the fastest developing regions of Ankara and draws attention with its newly built Ankara houses for sale. In addition to newly built villas and Ankara apartments for sale, the region is also perfect for buying land to build a house. You can build your own house on lands with zoning permission, or you can increase your investment value by making agreements with various construction companies. For more information about buying land for investment purposes, you can contact our Ankara office from here.


This district, which is a little far from the city center, is a magnificent living space for those who seek a quiet lifestyle and do not want to stay away from social opportunities. In this region, which draws attention with its lakes and untouched natural habitats under protection, investment lands outside the natural-protection areas are suitable for building hotels and hotels for holidays. You can also consider buying farmland as an investment from Gölbaşı as well.


Mamak, the 4th largest district of Ankara, is one of the regions that made a name for itself with the urban transformation projects. This region offers rich social and historical amenities including ski resorts, ancient observatories, and late Roman and Ottoman historical landscapes. As a developing region, it offers rich investment opportunities. If you want to invest in Ankara, you can find our commercial real estate in Ankara here.


Çankaya, which is considered the cultural, political, and financial center of Ankara, is one of the most important districts of the province, which hosts the Turkish Grand National Assembly and Anıtkabir, the final resting place of the founder and first President of Turkey. In addition, since many foreign embassies and government institutions are here, housing prices and return on investment rates are extremely high in the region.

It is one of the most suitable regions for hotel investment, as it constantly hosts deputies from the district council, local and foreign businessmen, and foreign government representatives. In addition, an investment in Ankara property for sale in this region will provide a shorter return on investment compared to its counterparts in other regions.


Altındağ has made a name for itself as the creative and school center of Ankara. The region is famous for its 1000-long history, Ankara Castle, historical mosques, and museums. The region offers new apartments and Ankara houses for sale, and if you are looking an investment land for sale, you can find it in Altındağ thanks to regions developing landing areas.


This district in the north of Ankara is one of the most preferred districts especially for foreigners in the country for investment and accommodation purposes. In addition to the new large urban transformation projects and high-rise complexes in the region, modernly designed investment houses or Ankara apartments for sale also attract the attention of investors.

To get detailed information about investment real estate in Turkey and to determine the most suitable investment opportunity for you, you can browse our relevant pages, contact us, or visit our Ankara office directly.

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Land for Sale in Ankara | Plots in Ankara
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