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Sea View Houses for Sale in Turkey

Living in a sea view villa is a dream for most people. Turkey, a peninsula surrounded on three sides by the sea, offers property buyers the opportunity to make this dream come true. Sea view houses for sale can be found in many coastal cities in Turkey. Besides, these properties draw attention with their affordable prices.

Advantages of Owning a Sea View House

  • A Gorgeous View

Imagine you wake up and a gorgeous view is in front of your bedroom window every morning. Undoubtedly, it is a great joy to live in houses in Turkey with a sea view. You will have the privilege to see various landscapes at different times of the day, perfect sunrises, and inspiring sunsets. Besides, you can be sure that your view won’t be interrupted any time in the future.

  • Fun Activities / Outdoor Living

Sea view villas offer the opportunity for fun activities any time you like. You can swim or fish in front of your house. You may spend time and relax by making a canoe or boat trip after work. Your children will also love these activities. Sea view houses offer a lot to do outdoors for you and your children.

  • Freedom

Living in a detached house with a sea view offers great privacy and freedom. You can customize your house, and organize your garden or terrace to your delight. You can have barbecue parties with your family and friends freely.

  • Pets Allowed!

You can keep your pet with you in houses differently from apartment compounds. Your animal friends might not be allowed in compounds; however, you can keep your pets without any doubt if you are living in a detached beach house.

  • A Great Investment

Sea View Houses for Sale in TurkeyMany investors buy sea view villas as an investment as it is always highly profitable. As such luxury properties are in high demand among buyers, buying a sea view house is a profitable investment. Besides, if you are buying a sea view house for your holidays, you can consider renting it out to other holidaymakers when you don’t need it. Moreover, you don’t even need to interfere, there are professional property management companies to do this work for you.

Why Choose Turkey for Buying a Sea View House?

Many reasons make it advantageous to buy property in Turkey. If you are looking for a sea view house, Turkey is the right destination. Offering a great variety of sea view houses for sale all over the country, the Turkish property market offers perfect matching real estate for all buyers. If you are interested in buying a sea view house overseas, take a look at the top reasons why you should invest in Turkish property.

1. Affordable Prices

Property buyers from all over the world are interested in the property for sale in Turkey with sea view, which is not surprising. With the low property prices compared to many countries in the world, Turkey is a place where most people can buy their dream homes. When it comes to sea view houses, you may pay many times more in European countries than what you pay in Turkey for the same property.

2. A Variety of Options

There are so many property options with different features in Turkey that everyone can find a property to match their expectations. There are many coastal cities in Turkey where you can find sea view homes for sale. As the property features and prices differ from one city to another, you can choose yours among hundreds of options.

3. Low Running Costs

Running costs of a house is as important as buying it at the correct price. In Turkey, property maintenance costs increase as the property has more features. However, it is still cheaper to maintain a house in Turkey than in most countries. For instance, the running costs of a 4-bedroom villa in the UK can double the costs of a similar property in Turkey.

Coastal Regions in Turkey

Four of the total seven regions of Turkey are coastal areas. You can buy a nice sea view house in any of these areas that offer different climates, lifestyles, and cultures. You can find brief information for each coastal region in Turkey below.

Mediterranean Region

Cities and towns in the Mediterranean region of Turkey are popular tourist destinations. There are high-quality restaurants and hotels besides the blue flag beaches, historical places, and scenic beauties to discover in the Mediterranean cities in Turkey. Alanya houses for sale with sea views and beautiful sea view villa in Antalya are the most preferred properties in the Turkish riviera. You can find a gorgeous sea view holiday home for sale in the Mediterranean.

Aegean Region

The Aegean region is the name of the area on the western coast of Turkey, located between the Marmara and the Mediterranean regions. The region has a coast on the Mediterranean Sea and the climate is the same as the Mediterranean region. Some world-famous holiday towns are located in this region such as Bodrum, Çeşme, and Didim.

Marmara Region

Covering the megacity of Istanbul within its borders, the Marmara region is the most populated and developed part of Turkey. Istanbul, particularly, offers anything one would look for in a city. There are hundreds of events and activities in Istanbul every day. Other beautiful cities in the Marmara region are; Kocaeli, Yalova, Bursa, Balıkesir, and Çanakkale.

Black Sea Region

Located in the North of Turkey, the Black Sea region is famous for its forests and greenery scenes as well as its unique cuisine. The region attracts domestic and international visitors thanks to its cultural heritage, greenery, and traditional foods. If you are looking for a sea view apartment for sale in Turkey at an affordable price, the Black Sea region is the right location.

Further Information

If you are interested in buying a property in Turkey with a sea view, you can contact us for further information or to arrange a viewing tour. We have all kinds of properties for sale in our portfolio including apartments, houses, lands, and commercial properties. You can call us to speak to one of our professional agents or visit our offices located in several cities in Turkey.

Sea View Houses for Sale in Turkey
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