HR Supervisor, Nimet Toktaş | Antalya Homes ®

Languages:English, Türkçe

I was born in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey. I received my bachelor's degree in management in English. During my college years, I engaged in the Erasmus programs at the Wroclaw University of Economics in Poland and the Mediterranean University in Barcelona, Spain. With a secondary bachelor's degree, I am a sociology student at Istanbul University's Faculty of open education. I am also proceeding with my master's degree in English. 

I began my journey as a salesperson at the age of 11 at our family shop for ten years to gain experience. In college, I worked as an entrepreneur in an international company during my freshman year. I volunteered for teaching English and Mathematics, preparing and motivating students. I continued my career as a professional English teacher, working part-time as an administrative assistant at American Culture Language School. After relocating to Istanbul, I worked in the human resources department, as an education director, for American Life. Then I was promoted to Corporate Communication and Marketing Manager in Safir Schools.

I am an innovative person who values self-awareness and public awareness, to promote individuals and society to become better. I'm fascinated by psychology and self-improvement. Throughout the seminars I attended, as well as the non-governmental organizations and business enterprises I worked with so far, I have always been in positions where I could reach individuals. In my spare time, I enjoy making bracelets, writing blogs, and calligraphy. I am fluent in both English and Turkish.

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