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Why Would I Take a Viewing Tour with Antalya Homes?

Antalya Homes ®, as a leading real estate company in Turkey, suggests homebuyers take a viewing tour with us before they make their decisions. Our guests have the privileges below:

Experts of the Area

We have a wide selection of properties for sale. We know all the properties, their backgrounds, their owners, and sales conditions in our service area. We also know the real value of the properties according to their location and features as local experts. We do not accept advertising a property if the owner asks for an unfair or excessive price.


Every property buyer has a different wishlist. As we have already visited all the property options in the area, we offer you the most suitable options after we understand your expectations. In other words, if the hundreds of property options are orange, we offer you the finest 3 drops of its juice.

Professional Service

We establish professional relationships with all parties. Our role is to be the referee between the buyer and seller to finalize the sales process in a proper and fairway. In order to keep all team members professional, we train them at Tekce Academy continuously. We do all our business based on our company values. Read the "Why Antalya Homes is the Leader in Turkish Real Estate Market?" article to learn more about us.

Best Price Guarantee

Getting the correct price of the property is critical. You get the "best price guarantee" privilege with us. You will not find a lower price than ours for the same property anywhere else. As the market leader, we have high buyer traffic to the properties. Therefore, we have a better chance to get the best price in a negotiation. Besides that, property developers give special discounts for Antalya Homes in order to get more traffic.

Speaking your Language

Antalya Homes offers quality service to home buyers with its experienced local agents serving in more than 20 different languages. We highly care about serving our clients in their native languages to prevent possible communication gaps. No one can understand your expectations better than someone who comes from the same culture as you.

Extensive After-Sale Services

Antalya Homes offers free after-sale services for its clients. The viewing tour is just the first step of our service for our customers. We help our clients with real estate appraisal reports, getting a tax number, opening a bank account, transferring the title deed, touring furniture shops for their new homes, and preparing property insurance. We never end our relationships with our clients and we assist them whenever they need even after years of their purchase. See all the services we provide.

"Zero Failure" Principle

We have delivered thousands of keys and title deeds with "zero failure" since we established our company in 2004. Buying a property is a serious investment. We protect your savings with our professionalism. We do an excellent job in all the steps of property sales for both parties. We prevent any potential disputes from the beginning. No surprises at all!

How Do We Do A Viewing Tour?

Inspection Tour | Viewing Tour in TurkeyWe start viewing tours by picking you up from your hotel or residing address to bring you to our office for property presentations.

Inspection Tour | Viewing Tour in TurkeyWe listen to you carefully and we present our shortlist of properties according to your wishlist.

Inspection Tour | Viewing Tour in TurkeyThen we choose the best matching properties to visit.

Inspection Tour | Viewing Tour in TurkeyBefore leaving the office we will ask you to sign our "Viewing Tour Form".

Inspection Tour | Viewing Tour in TurkeyWe visit the chosen properties together to see and make sure of every detail, with a small city tour around them to deliver the sense of your new place of living.

Inspection Tour | Viewing Tour in TurkeyOnce you are confident with your decision; we sign the sales contract in your preferred language.

More Information

If you haven’t already purchased a property in Turkey, this article about property purchasing will help you.

Alternatively, If you are interested in buying luxury property in Turkey, our real estate agents are standing by to answer questions and arrange viewing trips. You can contact them by filling out the above inquiry form.

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