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Commercial Property for Sale in Mamak, Ankara

Antalya Homes ® offers a wide range of commercial property for sale in Mamak, Ankara. Check out our detailed listing pages to buy commercial real estate in Mamak, Ankara for a profitable investment.

Mamak is the greenest metropolitan district of Ankara that is surrounded by Cankaya District from the west, Altindag District from the north, Elmadag District from the east, and Bala District from the south. Just like the rest of Ankara, Mamak District also has a long history as a settlement. The district that has hosted many great civilizations, has served as a hub of agricultural production of Ankara for centuries. With the declaration of Ankara as the capital, Mamak’s scenery has shifted greatly. As Mamak was a neighborhood of Ankara’s liveliest district Cankaya in the 1920s, some of the very first military institutions, hospitals, and factories of Turkey were established here.

Blue Lake Park, Mamak, AnkaraUnfortunately, the escalation of rural flight in Turkey and the construction of “gecekondu” buildings in metropolis in the 1950s, has affected Mamak’s scenery as well. In 1983, in order to solve the infrastructural problems arising from unauthorized constructions, a separate municipality for Mamak was established and the region has gained the status of a district. Ever since that date, the district’s scenery has improved remarkably with the implementation of many urban renewal projects. Nowadays, Mamak has many alluring places to visit. Bayindir Dam (Blue Lake Recreation Area), where you can jog around the lake or have a meal while being surrounded by nature, is one of the first places to visit in Mamak District. You can also visit Cyprus Village Canyon known as the hidden paradise in Mamak for camping or jogging. Ali Kuscu Gokbilim Merkezi (Ali Kuscu Planetarium) is another place to visit in Mamak for space and science enthusiasts. Elmadag Ski Resort where you can enjoy winter sports is only 5 km away from the south border of Mamak District. Though Mamak is a comfortable place with many beauties for settling, the most prominent feature of the district would be the amenities it offers for the investors.

Investment Options in Mamak, Ankara

Mamak District is one of the best options for getting property in Turkey by investment. First of all, the prices of the real estate in Mamak are more advantageous compared to other districts of Ankara. Secondly, the district has easy access to government institutions and famous universities in Cankaya. Last but not least, the district offers many options for investment. For instance, while you might have a hard time finding a detached house in Cankaya, you can easily find detached houses for sale in Mamak Ankara. The same situation applies to lands as well. You can easily find lands in Mamak Ankara for sale to utilize for agricultural, residential, or commercial purposes. Hence buying real estate in Mamak Ankara would be a profitable way of investment. If you want to establish a new business or want to enlarge your company, then commercial properties for sale in Mamak, Ankara is the best option for you.

Commercial Real Estate in Mamak, Ankara

As one of the metropolitan districts of the capital, Mamak is bigger than more than half of the cities in Turkey in terms of population. While the dense population of the district provides visibility to newly established businesses, the district’s proximity to Cankaya and other districts eases transportation and reduces the cost of logistics. There is a lot of room for growth for businesses in Mamak, Ankara in terms of both size and scope. Hence you can make a profitable investment by establishing a new business here.

Commercial Property for Sale in Mamak, AnkaraOnce you’ve decided on establishing a business here, you will search for commercial property. But, there are a few things to keep in mind before making a purchase. First of all, you need to choose your property carefully for it to meet the requirements of your business line. Secondly, you should take into consideration of your property’s location in order to reduce your costs. After you’ve determined what kind of property you need for your business in accordance with these factors, we offer a wide variety of commercial real estate in Mamak, Ankara for you to buy. The types of commercial property for sale in Mamak, Ankara are as follows;

• Retail Properties: As retail businesses cover a large portion of commercial activities, it’s quite easy to find a retail property. Indeed, there are lots of retail properties like stores and shops in Mamak, Ankara. You need to be careful that the retail property you are purchasing has a convenient location for your business to flourish. Stores and shops residing on a populous street are usually the best options.
• Customized Properties: Some lines of businesses like the hospitality sector require specific layouts or equipment in order to operate. If you want to invest in the hospitality sector, you can find customized properties like cafes, restaurants, and hotels for your business.
• Offices and Business Centers: If you’re planning on investing in a sector that requires office work like marketing, finance, technology, architecture, etc., there are many commercial properties for your employees to work in comfortably from spacious offices to large business centers in Mamak as well.

No matter what type of property you want to purchase, it’s important to work with a reliable and well-known real estate company in order to make a satisfying investment. Our team consisting of local experts is ready to guide you through the whole process from finding the best property in accordance with your needs to getting your title deed. If you want to learn more about commercial real estate in Mamak, Ankara, or real estate in Turkey in general, feel free to contact us!

Commercial Property for Sale in Mamak, Ankara
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