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Commercial Property for Sale in Keçiören, Ankara

Ankara, as the capital of Turkey, is one of the sought-after locations to buy property in Turkey by investment. Buyers can find many reasons to buy real estate in Kecioren, Ankara. The central position, various amenities it offers, and wide range of properties make Kecioren a special district.

Kecioren is named after Ankara's famous goat pastures. Before 1955, when “gecekondu” houses of Kecioren (a word for Turkish slums) were built, it was absolutely pure countryside with fresh air and famous vineyards. Kecioren was especially famous for its farmlands on which grapes and delicious pears were built.

Middle-class and wealthy Ankara residents used to come to Kecioren for its nature. The houses were located among the gardens, and in the gardens, there are all kinds of fruit trees, coops, ponds, and wells. People grew their fruits and vegetables on their own and obtain water from natural sources. These country houses became modernly designed luxury villas as the years' passed. You can take a look at houses for sale in Kecioren, Ankara for more information.

The people who were in charge of Ankara's trade also lived in Kecioren. That is why Kecioren has had the appearance of a hotel city for a long time. Members of the foreign embassies and many famous names lived in Kecioren after the War of Independence.

Kecioren, AnkaraToday, Kecioren is an exemplary district with its wide and well-planned roads, regular settlement, electricity, water, sewerage services and convenient transportation, and local zoning plans. These amenities encourage investors to buy apartments for sale in Kecioren, Ankara. The district consists of notable places. The Agricultural School, which was used as headquarters by Ataturk during the preparations for the War of Independence, is used as the building of the Turkish State Meteorological Service. You can also see Esztergon Castle Turkish Cultural Center. It is an exhibition center that portrays Turkish history to its visitors and how life was back then.

Commercial Property for Sale in Kecioren, Ankara

Kecioren offers many opportunities to make business. Thanks to its position at the intersection of main commerce lines, trade centers, the region offer its residents a vast of commercial real estate in Kecioren, Ankara. You can get the information about the types of commercial properties as follows:

Retail properties: Shopping is an inevitable activity in our lives. Malls, pharmacies, supermarkets, florists, retail warehouses, stores, shops can be examples of retail properties. Such a crowded region like Kecioren can be suitable to invest in these kinds of commercial properties. We advise you to select a property close to metro, bus stations, or highways so you can attract more customers.

Offices: Do you want to start a new business in Kecioren, Ankara? Or you are already the boss of a famous company? Either way, you can invest in offices. A large and well-designed office can be a productive working area for your employees and it can symbolize a corporate profile for your visitors.

Industrial properties: The purpose of these properties is to produce goods and evaluate them. Industrial properties are the keys to economic and strategic investment. They are places for technical inventions, aesthetic creations. The Kecioren district can be called a commercial hub belonging to Ankara and you can gain profit from warehouses and industrial buildings.

Commercial lands: Aside from agricultural activities, lands give the opportunity to build on a commercial property to buyers. Moreover, you can construct and customize them the way you want. Build hotels, business centers, hospitals, schools, bazaars, petrol stations as long as you have a building permit. You can browse and find land in Kecioren, Ankara for sale.

Commercial Property for Sale in Keçiören, Ankara
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