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Commercial Property for Sale in Çankaya, Ankara

Antalya Homes ® offers commercial properties for sale in Turkey. If you want to invest by purchasing commercial property in Turkey, you can contact our expert team.

Commercial Property for Sale in Çankaya, AnkaraAnkara, where its history dates back to 3000 years ago, hosted civilizations such as Hittite, Phrygia, Lydia, Persia, and Byzantium for years, and was declared the capital of Turkey shortly before the proclamation of the Republic. witnessing different cultures and various historical events, this colorful city gave the impression of a town where people living in mohair trade, blacksmithing, coppersmithing, jewelry, weaving, and tailoring were living before it became the capital. After Ankara was declared the capital city, great developments were made in both economic and cultural fields, and immigration from all over the country made the region progress in every sense. Undoubtedly, Cankaya is one of the districts with the most cultural, economic, and social opportunities in Ankara, which has grown and developed over the years.

Cankaya, which was a completely rural area in the past, started to increase in value after Mustafa Kemal settled in a mansion here in the Republican Period. In the 1950s, ministries, theaters, cinemas, opera houses, fashion houses, and bookstores in the Kizilay neighborhood have enabled the district to become a popular living area. In addition to Kizillay, which comes to mind when Cankaya is mentioned today and is still a popular district, Tunali, Atakule, Cikrikcilar, and Bakircilar are also among the popular locations of Cankaya. Cankaya, the meeting point of the Presidential Mansion, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, embassies, ministries, and commercial centers, is the fourth largest district of Turkey with a resident population of 925,828. The district, which includes well-established educational institutions such as Ankara University, is visited by thousands of students every year. Cankaya, which is seen as the cultural center of Ankara, and is also a leader in the field of trade thanks to hosting many factories and private companies.

Commercial Real Estate Market in Ankara Çankaya

Cankaya, which was a small town until Ankara was declared as the capital, has become a popular district preferred for new investments with the immigration to the city and the developing economy over time. Today, Cankaya, where prestigious educational institutions, important government offices, and private enterprises are located, is growing day by day in the field of trade. Purchasing commercial real estate especially in regions such as Kizilay and Tunali Streets, which are in high demand and rich in social opportunities, will offer significant advantages in terms of business. It will not be difficult to generate income by investing in commercial property for sale in Ankara Cankaya, which can provide all kinds of activities and needs from education to arts, cultural activities to shopping. If you want to start a business in Ankara Cankaya, you can browse the shops, stores, and offices here, and buy one of the commercial real estate in Ankara Cankaya that best suits your needs among various options.

Types of Commercial Real Estate in Çankaya

Offices: If you are planning to start a new business or move your existing business here in Çankaya, which is the commercial and cultural center of Ankara, it will be the right choice tobuy real estate in Cankaya Ankara, with its growing population and vibrant social life. Ankara, which is called the city of civil servants, hosts many state institutions, private companies, and private enterprises, and allows the people who invest here to make a profit quickly with the migrations it receives every year.

Stores and Shops: Opening the shop of your dreams or owning a store branch in Cankaya, where people from all age groups and classes live, can allow you to get the return on your investments in a short time. Buying a shop or a store that you can shape according to your wishes can help you make profitable ventures, especially in this region, which is famous for its cultural activities, which are frequented by students.

Hotels: Considered as the administrative center of Turkey, Cankaya hosts universities, ministries, embassies, and many other government institutions, and welcomes thousands of visitors from Turkey and abroad every year for both business and education purposes. You can also make profitable profits by operating a hotel in Cankaya, one of the most popular locations in the city.

In addition to earning income by purchasing commercial properties, if you want to build a life here, you can look atthevillas for sale in Cankaya, Ankara if you want to build a house in your own style and live in your dream home, you can take a look at the land in Cankaya Ankara for sale.If you want tobuy real estate by investing in Turkey, our expert team will be happy to answer all your questions. If you want to get more information about real estate for sale, you can contact us and visit our offices.

Commercial Property for Sale in Çankaya, Ankara
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