Verified Price

Owner Verified PriceAccording to our "Best Price Guarantee" policy, we only sell a property if our company gets the best possible price. We monitor and control the prices of all the properties we list for sale on this website. When we detect a lower price at any other platform, we get in touch with the property owner directly in order to understand the reason why.

Commonly, it has the same reason. There are many small agencies, who list their property a long time ago. After time passes, the owners update their property prices depending on their construction work speed. A property is every time for a lower price at the beginning of the construction and higher when it is ready. These agencies usually don't update their prices. (For more details, please readDifferent prices on different websites)

Whenever you see this "Verified Price" badge, you may be sure that this property's price is verified directly by the property owner. We put this badge if there is price pollution on online platforms.

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