Do Amenities Matter When You Are Buying a Home in Turkey?

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  1. Reasons Why Buying a House Near Amenities in Turkey
  2. Why Are Local Amenities Important in Turkey?

Both social amenities and on-site amenities are quite important while buying your dream house. Everyone seeks tranquility and peace in their homes generally. Therefore, they attach importance to on-site amenities and local amenities while purchasing a house to reach them more easily.

You should consider the offered amenities when you decide to buy a house no matter why you buy such as to live, vacation or investment. The order of importance of social amenities or on-site facilities may change depending on your purchasing purpose.

For instance, on-site facilities and locale community amenities are equally important if you want a peaceful life with your family. The local amenities will enable you to meet your needs while the on-site amenities will provide you the comfort you want.

However, on-site facilities come forward more while buying a holiday home. Thus, you can enjoy your holiday without showing extra effort to reach amenities. On the other hand, you should decide according to the property type if you are buying a property for investment.

For example, making property investments in local amenities can be more rational when you decide to buy a commercial property. You may want it to be on a busy street and close to local amenities. Or, while buying an apartment, you should be sure that it is in a location where you can rent out easily.

Reasons Why Buying a House Near Amenities in Turkey

Do Amenities Matter When You Are Buying a Home in Turkey?Let’s answer the question of what does public amenities mean before explaining the reasons. Local amenities meaning is a number of facilities that make your life easier. Markets, hospitals, public transport, restaurants, and cafes can be counted as examples of these. Provision of social amenities allows you to live a quality life. So why;


People want some peace and quiet when they come home at the end of busy days. In this case, on-site amenities such as the spa, library, or Turkish bath will help you relax. Also, you don’t need an extra effort to reach all these amenities.


People cannot spare much time for sports in their busy daily lives. However, you can spare time for sports and healthy life when you have amenities such as a fitness center and walking paths at your disposal. In addition, you don’t think much about the way you will go for sports since you can reach all these amenities in a few minutes.

Being close to at least one hospital is always advantageous to avoid undesirable situations. Thus, you will always have peace of mind for untimely or unavoidable situations.

Spending Quality Time with Family

Everyone spends time with their family. Having amenities such as a cinema room, game room, or a well-kept garden can allow you to spend quality time with your family.
Also, being close to daily amenities such as restaurants and cafes means you can go out for dinner or coffee with your family whenever you want.

Why Are Local Amenities Important in Turkey?

Having facilities where you live or in your surroundings allows you to have a more comfortable life. Thus, you can spend a better time with your family after a busy work or a school day.

Also, you can decide on the amenities you want to be close to when buying a house in Turkey. For instance, people, who prefer to have a drink outside rather than eat in a restaurant prefer proximity to cafes rather than restaurants.

For this reason, you can think much which local amenities you want to close when buying a home for sale in Turkey. Antalya Homes offers you the best options with our expert and professional team by listening to all your needs and wishes.

Examples of Social Amenities People Want to Be Close

Do Amenities Matter When You Are Buying a Home in Turkey?The vast majority of people want a supermarket near their home according to the research. Amenities such as public transport stops and local cafes come next. The main local amenities examples are;

Supermarkets: These, where you can quickly meet your needs such as food and beverage, are among the priorities of people. You don’t have to look for alternative ways for your simple daily needs thanks to supermarkets.

Restaurants and Cafes: Socializing is among the most important need of people. You don’t have to travel long wats to have a nice dinner with your family or a coffee with your friends 1-2 times a week.

Public Transport Stops: You have to go somewhere such as work or school every day. Proximity to public transport stops is quite important to reach these places easily.

Parks and Green Areas: A place to rest your head nearby is always an advantage when you are bored with the tiring business life or being stuck at home all the time. Sitting on a bench in the greenery is always a good option to distract yourself.

Health Facilities: It is always an advantage to have at least one health facility close to your home. Being able to reach one of the health institutions in a short time can bring you many things.

On-Site Amenities People Want to Have

  • Swimming pool
  • Well-kept garden
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Sports fields
  • Spa/Sauna
  • Walking paths
  • Well-equipped fitness center
  • Library/Workroom

Antalya Homes is always happy to help you to find your dream house. You can contact our professional team now or visit us in our office.

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