How Can We Help the Earthquake Victims of Turkey?

Dear friends,

We are saddened by the earthquake that has affected many cities in Türkiye.

While we wait for the good news from the search and rescue operations, we follow the needs of the region in coordination with GYODER, Gigder, where we arehelp to people suffering from earthquake a part of the management team and through NGOs. While everyone is working to help as much as possible, as the Tekçe family, we stand by Ahbap, one of the most transparent and reliable NGOs in Türkiye. Ahbap has created wallets for those who want to send aid with cryptocurrency to heal the wounds of disaster victims in difficult conditions.

For those who want to donate in cryptocurrency, we would like to invite you to donate to these Ahbap accounts.

Your donations will help those in need on these difficult days.

We thank you for your help and prayers,

Wallet information for donations with Stablecoins: The website of Ahbap

USDT addresses

BEP20 Wallet Address: 0xB67705398fEd380a1CE02e77095fed64f8aCe463

ERC20 Network Transfers: 0xe1935271D1993434A1a59fE08f24891Dc5F398Cd

Avalanche Network Transfers: 0x868D27c361682462536DfE361f2e20B3A6f4dDD8

IBAN numbers of Ahbap Derneği

EUR account: TR150006400000210212150277

GBP account: TR370006400000210212260849

USD account: TR320006400000210212150262


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Created: 08.02.2023, 10.00Updated: 06.04.2023, 16.43
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