Hello everbody,

I am making this video just to tell the help i had from Antalya Homes, from everybody in Antalya Homes starting from Mr. Bayram, Mr. Ahmet, Mr. İzzet. All the staff in Antalya Homes they were very helpful to me since i bought my apartment through them. My apartment I chose in Muratpasa, it was a very good choice. I am very happy and satisfied with the apartment bought by me. I would like as well to thank Antalya Homes staff, all Antalya Homes staff for helping me for everything since I bought the apartment they help me in getting the power connection, they help me in getting the water connection. Even when I bought my furniture and all my electric appliances that i bought that somebody from Antalya Homes since I am a foreigner i don't know the markets, they helped me in everything to buy everything that I needed. Until i purchased the tapu through them as well they were very helpful for me since I have some problems purchasing the tapu, I don't know the rules of Turkey. But finally we manage through the help of Mr. Izzet and all the staff to get the tapu which I have already the tapu in front of everybody. Thank you very much Antalya Homes, thank you very much Mr. Bayram you were very very helpful to me I will never forget how much help you have offered me. Thank you very much.

Yousef Al H.
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