Ramin J., CANADA

- Hello Mr.Ramin how are you?
* Good, how are you?
- Where are you coming from?
* I'm from Vancouver, Canada.
- How did you find Antalya, the sunny weather of Antalya?
* Oh, the weather is actually great. I'm here actually right now in the winter and the weather is really nice, sunny. It's about 18-19 degrees during the day and about 7-8 degrees at night.
- Oh, so you mean you enjoy the weather. OK, great. How did you find Antalya Homes?
* I actually, was thinking of buying a property in Turkey, so through Youtube and TEKCE TV and watched some of the videos and eventually, I decided to come to Antalya, and purchase a property.
- How long did it take you to purchase your property from Antalya Homes?
* It's actually, It was really easy. It didn't take very long, less than 24 hours with the help of you of course. Thank you for the agents and Antalya Homes.
- Thank you very much. Have you goy any issues in regards to purchasing your property from Antalya Homes?
* I haven't got any problems at all. Everything went so smoothly and easily.
- Thank you very much. So, what services did Antalya Homes provide for you?
* Actually, in a few hours they opened up a bank account for me, and a tax number. I was very quick in less than two hours.
- So, do you want to buy any more apartments in the future if there is any offer from Antalya Homes?
* Perhaps, I mean most definitely if something comes up for investment, future investment, I probably will do that.
- So, thank you very much.
* You are very welcome.

Ramin J.
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