Good afternoon my name is Ali A. and I'm from the United States. In this video, I would like to share with you my experience with Antalya Homes. I wanted to go to a place which has fantastic, beautiful weather, nice people. So I decided to go to Turkey. So I was searching on the internet I did a lot of research. This is something I decided on. I'm gonna do that, but now I'm gonna do this? Which company I should go with? Who I'm gonna trust? Well, I looked at so many websites on google, so many websites from a website that wants to sell you an apartment in Turkey of course. I have looked at maybe at least 5 or 6 websites. Finally, I wanted to go with Antalya Homes.

Antalya Homes is a great Real Estate Agency in Turkey. I highly recommend you guys should do business with them. But the best part is Mr. Hamza, he gave me his WhatsApp number he talks to me every day. He drafted the contract for me he asked me.

How do you want to do this? You better reserve it now before they sold out. And he negotiated the total price of the apartment. He did that very well so I was so happy to know this. So I gave 30% down and he drafted a contract, it was signed immediately by the construction company and by Antalya Homes, and by me. It was really smooth process I could not believe it. I was so happy because I was really scared and this is the first time I'm actually doing this. But Mr. Hamza was very professional he guided me through the process.

I highly recommend Antalya Homes really to all of you. And especially with Mr. Hamza, he made me feel comfortable at the all-time. He also told me that when I come to Turkey he will take me personally and make sure I buy all the furniture for the apartments. He will go with me also help me to sign for the internet for the water for the electricity. He will guide me through all the processes. He said I will be with you every step of the way.

Isn't that fantastic? So you don't feel like you are lost or you buy yourself. I feel like he is the one who is buying the apartment. That is like this is as his own apartment even though I'm his client He treated me as a family.

I tell you what. Even when I signed the contract immediately his manager Mr. Hakan he also e-mailed me and told me that the downpayment has been received and everything is ok and they signed the contract immediately and he asked me if I need anything, help or anything you know I can also call him and talk with him if I need anything. So, he also followed up which is Mr. Hamzas' manager. That is how professional Antalya Homes.

It is very clear and there is no anything hidden, there is no sneaking there is no hiding everything is nice and clear. The contract was very nice and clear it was written in English and Turkish and again I'm very very pleased with my purchase and me doing business with Antalya Homes. That is really fantastic this is the agency I would recommend to anybody who wants to purchase property in Turkey to go to Antalya Homes. That is the number one place in my opinion in Turkey. Very professional people very nice people.

I'm very happy and I want to thank Mr. Hamza for this great opportunity he gave me to purchase this apartment and I want to thank Antalya Homes as well. And thank you so much for watching. Take care.

Ali A.
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