My name is Ramin R., I live in England, London.

About 11 months ago I was looking for property in Antalya, Turkey. I was looking at different webs and there were so many companies but there was so many marketing going on but Antalya Homes came as well within the marketing I found them quite interesting, because every time when I had a question, they were answering my questions very promptly, any difficult questions I had, they were, again researching and come back with an immediate answer. That would be the answer I’d be looking for. They would keep an eye on the time that I would be arriving in Turkey, so they can see what is around in the market. So if it’s sold, they don’t send any further more information for me. If you’re still available they will still continue marketing and sort of like let me know about how things are going etc. or what other developments are coming up off-plan or newly built or furnished apartment that’s already built. They were really good like tailor-made to measure. Mr. Ebubekir who is a sales specialist for Antalya Homes, he’s the gentleman that always looked after me. Plus the other team that works within the Antalya Homes, If I had a question in Mr. Ebubekir’s absence, they would be able to answer my questions again with full satisfaction. Also staying with you from A to Z, making sure you completely understand the sale procedure. The questions you have about the legal side of things, how you buy property in Turkey, what’s the implication of buying a property in Turkey. For instance, again, the title deeds, making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible which they did that as well. Making sure if there was a price to be negotiating with the person that selling they would invite them to the office, would yourself, would sales Manager from Antalya Homes, would the owner or the developer try to get you the best prices possible. If it was over your budget maybe they would try and get a payment plan for you in that sense. So they really try their best to get you going and be letting you become a homeowner in Turkey. In my opinion, I and my wife were extremely happy because when they would take us from the hotel they would spend all the time we have to spend together till we are happy with the processes that are going on a daily basis that we were getting a visit from an Antalya Homes. Once we get all the information and the sale is going through then the payment side of things are happening, which they help you to open an account in major banks in Turkey they’ll be able to help you fill the forms, process it, opening your utilities like your water, gas and electric and they are putting you in contact with right departments and they will be able to assist you with which ways to go. So you know really and truly you don’t have to do much. They would do all the work for you and the good thing is with Antalya Homes they don’t just sell you a property, they will just look after you even once they’ve sold the property. So they basically it’s like a family business, they will keep in touch like for instance, if you had to leave your keys behind fort hem to look after, they got keys for an event of an emergency, they’re more than happy to do that free of charge. And in all-round, there is nothing to complain about because everything's %100 satisfactory. If you buy property, you want a status here, there is another team that they will deal with all the legal side of things, getting a residency permit, longer residency visa. So they can take care of everything for you. The field is a big field here. Also, the other good thing is they speak a very variety of languages like, Russian, German, English, French, Turkish maybe Farsi as well. So in that aspect very very well organized. I’m happy that i’ve done business with Antalya Homes, thank you very much.

Ramin R.
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