Hi, my name is Akam.

I'm from Sweden and I chose to travel once to Trabzon to check to live in Trabzon.

So, when I went back to Sweden I did some researches to find which agency has more services to find and buy an apartment from. I did some researches on google and I found Trabzon Homes which has the most services because I checked all the verified sales and security for the clients.

Everything was correct with them, so I contacted Mr. Mohamad and everything was fine, he told me to come to Trabzon to choose a home. And everything was over my expectations because when I came to Trabzon they made everything very easy for me.

Alhamdulillah, we found a home very quickly and signed the contract; everything from A to Z was very easy. I didn't expect the service I got.

I've never seen a professional team like Trabzon Homes, Alhamdulillah everything has been done well. They fixed everything and helped me to furnish the apartment and to ease the banking transactions.

You need only to get your money ready and they will get everything done for you.

Thanks to the big Antalya Homes family!

Akam I.
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