Assistant Office Manager, Kadir Demirci | Antalya Homes ®

Languages:English, Türkçe

I was born in 1992 in Istanbul Eminönü. I lived in Istanbul until I completed my high school education. Afterward, I studied Civil Engineering Department at Erciyes University in my hometown Kayseri. During my university education, I worked in telecommunications, e-commerce companies, and digital media management companies. After graduation, I worked as a manager at various construction sites in Muğla Bodrum. Then, I worked as a project development specialist and land investment specialist in one of Turkey's largest construction companies in Istanbul. In 2022, I started to work as an assistant office manager in Tekçe Overseas A.Ş.’s Ankara office.

I am a calm, knowledgeable, fast learner, and fun person who can work in any situation and position. As a hobby, I love playing guitar and saz, snowboarding, taking pictures, fishing, trap and skeet shooting, and camping. I can use English and Turkish fluently in business life.

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