RE360 Big Gathering For the Real Estate Industry Held in Istanbul

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  1. RE360: Big Gathering for the Future of the Real Estate Market
  2. The vision of GIGDER is 20 Billion USD in Real Estate Exports for 2025

RE360 Big Gathering For the Real Estate Industry took place in Istanbul on 7 December 2022, at Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus. In addition to the huge attendance, Tekce Overseas Chairman of the Board and GIGDER Vice Chairman, Mr. Bayram Tekçe participated as a speaker.

RE360: Big Gathering for the Future of the Real Estate Market

RE360 is an event where 360 degrees of all real estate shareholders meet to create a common sense. In the sixth year of being the summit for real estate, RE360 Big Gathering For the Real Estate Industry was held at Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus Istanbul.

Bayram Tekce attended RE360 Real Estate GatheringThis year, the event merged the far meanings of “Digital”, “Migration”, and “Investment”, to show the future potential of the real estate sector. RE360 also helped the market shareholders to identify the past and today of the market to create a better future.

Also, GIGDER - Real Estate International Promotion Association - Research and Publications Committee’s third book with collaboration AGS Global Research, “Immigration and Investor Relationship in the World” has been launched at this event.

To define the latest trends of the sail of investors to new horizons, Mr. Bayram Tekçe, also serving as GIGDER Research and Publications Committee Chairman, gave a speech on “Digital Migration and Opportunities for Turkey”, with Ömer Faruk Akbal.

The vision of GIGDER is 20 Billion USD in Real Estate Exports for 2025

In his speech, Bayram Tekçe stated that they made a series of field studies that feed the investment ecosystem as the GIGDER Research and Publications Committee and shared the research results with the participants.

Mr. Tekçe continued his speech by underlining that there is a global real estate market worth 400 billion USD. He also stated that their 2025 vision is reaching 20 billion USD of real estate export as GIGDER.

About their research titled “Citizenship or residency?”, Mr. Tekçe shared this information: “Nearly all countries started to prepare programs for drawing digital nomads. As we inspect the global investment migration market, we see that the real demand is on residency, more than citizenship”.

Bayram Tekçe mentioned that Turkey needs institutionalized residency programs with stable policies and varied for different goals. Tekçe shared that as GIGDER, they created different program models aiming at the diversity of investors’ residency needs.

After mentioning that they separated these models in two as the “Silver” and “Golden” visas supporting the current structure of Turkey’s program, he lasted his speech by giving these details: “Silver Visa, which is the first level visa type to be given to foreigners to own a house in Turkey, will offer an advantage by providing an address registration by giving 'education, retirement and holiday residence' to investors. The upper level is Golden Visa, which is a work and residency permit for foreigners, requiring real estate investment.”

The vibrant event hosted valuable real estate market leaders as speakers. The main highlights from the speeches of the leaders;

Yonca Aközer, Alkaş General Manager: “We stated ‘it is now time to be one with the world. So, we will be inspecting the world trends.”

Avi Alkaş, Alkaş & Han Spaces Chairman of the Board: “Our time is becoming more digital. But, we have the “gaff” culture coming from the Grand Bazaar, and the fiction will be “Figital”, merging the physical and digital.”

Mehmet Kalyoncu, GYODER Chairman of the Board: “We hope to get our job done in our sectors by developing our cities with conscience and smartly. So, what is a city with a conscience? It is a city where we don’t get tired while going back home from work; where we feel secure; where the sidewalks are unoccupied. These cities are home to all creatures, from birds to cats.”

Hasan Suver, Turkish Republic Deputy Minister of Environment, Urbanism, and Climate Change: “We see fighting with climate change not only as an environmental thing but a development model. Today, investors and shareholders not only take account of the financial results of investment decisions but also keep an eye on environmental, social, and corporate governance data.”

Bahar Özay, United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Turkey Coordinator: “With including all of us, the built environment is responsible for %40 of the global carbon emission… We are making the %36 of the energy usage. Sustainable cities are an important goal that the real estate market must follow.”

Sina Afra, founder and CEO of Tiko: “PropTech is one of the most investment-receiving sectors in the world. There is only one reason behind it. Real estate is the biggest market in the world and it needs to be digitalized. There is a huge potential. Logically, in the next 10 years, digital investments in this market will grow 20 times.”

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Altaş, Council of Shopping Centers Chairman and Altaş Investment Chairman of the Board - Turkey: “We believe that shopping centers are not only commercial places, but are living spaces with social activities and services offered.”

Orçun Makal, EY Central and Eastern Europe Head of Capital and Debt Advisory and Partner: “The shopping centers have an ecosystem. This ecosystem touches various sectors such as logistics, production, and storage with the butterfly effect. The development of the ecosystem benefits these sectors.”

Cem Eriç, CEO of Esas Real Estate: “In Turkey, with the development of shopping centers, the development of retail and food-beverage industries are in touch.”

Semet Yolaç Canlıel, ECE Türkiye Co-Director and COO: “We must not exclude green building and sustainability while we design. Three things that should not be forgotten are ‘change, transformation, and human’. While designing all commercial properties, we should not skip that our focal point is human.”

Nevzat Yavan, Esas Real Estate Operations Director: “Sustainability is a long journey and a huge concept. Global warming and dwindling resources are continuing a big problem in recent years.”

Sabi Paşayiğit, SP Architects Co-Founder / Architect: “We can see the secret parts of the structure with three-dimensional digital twin with BIM technology. The most important thing is, BIM helps to make easier the renovation, maybe 20 years later.”

Evren Arın, Autodesk Turkey Country Manager: “With the technology of BIM, many processes in this field got really easier. Today, the project owners state that they control their projects more with BIM. Every company with aim of sustainability needs to benefit from BIM technology. This technology shows how much energy will be spent; which room will get how much daylight at which time of the day; how it will be affected by prevailing winds; how the air circulation in the building will be or the earthquake resistance situation, before constructing the building, in the design phase.”

Prof. Dr. Ufuk Akçiğit, Economist and the University of Chicago Lecturer: “To understand what Turkey needs to leap to the future, we can not turn our back to data. Opening data is beneficial for everyone. So, the win-win environment gets into place.”

Ömer Faruk Akbal, the GIGDER Chairman of the Board: “Today, we take more than 2% share of the global real estate investment market. In a nutshell, we can say that there is a well-going acceleration. Lastly, I want to share the good news about the real estate abroad promotion fund, which we have been working on for a long time and brought to a stage with our public stakeholders. We will be giving details following days.”

The event showed that it is unavoidable for the shareholders of the market to work together to develop the real estate market to bring a better business environment for all parts and both sides of the sector.

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Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed reading about the RE360 event in Istanbul. It's great to see gatherings bringing together the real estate industry for valuable insights.
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