Can Foreign Cars Be Brought to Turkey From Abroad?

Yes, foreign cars can be brought to Turkey as long as certain conditions are met. Bringing foreign plate-numbered cars into Turkey is bound to some regulations to prevent exploitation. These regulations apply to people who reside abroad regardless of nationality and want to bring their foreign plate-numbered personal cars to Turkey.

For this reason, many tourists, visitors, and expats ask “Can I bring my car to Turkey?” to learn the specific rules for their case before coming to Turkey with their car. We’ve prepared a brief guide on shipping a car to Turkey for general cases to inform our customers before their journey to Turkey.

Please note that Antalya Homes ® does not provide services for car shipping to Turkey. This guide has been prepared for informational purposes only. Please contact relevant authorities to learn which conditions apply to your case exactly.

Why Should You Bring Your Car to Turkey?

car on the road on coastline with sea viewFirst of all, bringing a car to Turkey temporarily is quite easy. Secondly, traveling around in Turkey is always easier and cozier with your own car than with public transport. Located in a vast geographical area, Turkey has many amazing places to visit. Although there are plenty of options when it comes to public transport, having your own car would help you save a lot of time.

If you’re coming to Turkey for only a few days, you might consider renting a car. There are many car renting companies in every city as well. However, if you plan to stay longer, you should consider bringing your own. Rental car prices in Turkey for foreigners for longer periods might be more costly than usual.

How to Bring Your Car to Turkey From Abroad Temporarily?

There are two main ways to bring your car to Turkey temporarily. Obviously, the first one is to drive to Turkey. You can do this by yourself or give someone a power of attorney to drive your car abroad. This is the cheapest way to bring a car to Turkey. You can avoid paying for both the shipment fees for your car and your own travel expenses. In addition, you can turn this into an exciting journey if you have enough time.

The second way is working with a shipment company and giving them a power of attorney for shipping a car to another state. Getting a car shipped to you is time-saving and easier. In this case, the shipment company checks which rules apply to your case and if your car is suitable to bring to Turkey.

These companies also deal with legal procedures in your stead regarding the shipment of cars to Turkey. All you need to do would be flying over to Turkey and wait for your car to arrive.

Can All Foreign Cars Be Brought to Turkey?

a hand holding a toy car in front of the laptopNo, not all cars can be brought to Turkey. But, the main rule that applies, in this case, is about the residential status of the car owner, rather than the status or the age of the car itself. For a foreign plate-numbered car to be brought to Turkey, it must be owned by a person who has resided abroad for more than 185 days in the last year.

This means that foreigners or Turkish citizens who have residential status in another country other than Turkey and has not lived in Turkey for the stated time period can bring their own vehicles to Turkey temporarily. This rule also applies to the reentries as well. The second rule is that the vehicle must be registered in the country of residence of its owner.

The third rule to abide by is that the vehicles can be brought for personal use only. Different rules apply for vehicles to be used for commercial purposes. Also, personal vehicles can only be driven by the car owner or their immediate relatives like spouses, parents, or children in Turkey. These cars can be driven by other people only in emergency cases.

How Long Can a Foreign Car Stay in Turkey?

A foreign plate-numbered car that is brought under temporary entrance rules can stay in Turkey for up to 730 days. After this period ends, the owner must take the car out of the borders.

A common question on this subject is that can a foreigner bring another car that is registered under their name after 730 days period ends. The answer is no. Temporal entrance of foreign plate numbered cars is bound to the residential status of its owner. So, foreigners/visitors must stay outside of Turkey for at least 185 days after the 730-day period in order to bring another car to Turkey or re-enter with the same car.

Is It Possible to Bring a Foreign Car Permanently to Turkey?

view of the road on oncoming trafficYes, some people are allowed to permanently bring a foreign-plated car to Turkey under certain conditions. For this reason, many people who plan to settle in Turkey permanently are asking the “Can I bring a foreign car permanently to Turkey?” question. The conditions to bring a foreign car to Turkey vary according to the owner’s residential and citizenship status.

For instance, Turkish citizens who were residing abroad for some time can bring their own cars to Turkey permanently. Foreigners who just earned Turkish citizenship can also bring their own cars permanently. However, in these cases, the car must be 3 years old at maximum. Additionally, the special consumption tax (SCT) and the value-added tax (VAT) for the said car must be paid to the customs authority.

The right to bring a foreign car to Turkey permanently isn’t just limited to the above-mentioned people. However, the conditions of the car and its owner are very specific. So, it’s best to check directly with the relevant authorities if you’re eligible.

If you’re not eligible to bring your own car to Turkey permanently, don’t worry. Buying a car in Turkey as a foreigner isn’t hard as long as you have all of the necessary documents. Plus, you can find almost all types of cars in Turkey, second-hand or new, SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, pickups, and more.

How Much Does It Cost to Bring a Car to Turkey?

The cost to bring a car to Turkey would change depending on the method you’ve chosen to bring your car. If you’re bringing your car by driving to Turkey, your only expenses would be the cost of fuel and accommodation (if needed). In case you’ve decided to bring your car through a shipment company, you should be prepared to pay a few thousand euros for the service.

The prices to bring a car varies depending on the companies. The average cost to bring a car to Turkey through a shipment company is around €2,000 – 3,000. Also, shipping a car by seaway might cost more than through land depending on your home country.

On the other hand, the cost to ship a car overseas also varies depending on how long you’ll stay in Turkey with your car. If you’re bringing your car only temporarily, you won’t have to pay any taxes to the Turkish customs authority. But, if you’re bringing your car permanently, you’ll have to pay SCT, VAT, and some other expenses to drive your car in Turkey.

All in all, the best way to bring a car to Turkey temporarily might be to drive it yourself if you have enough time. Hopefully, this brief guide has been helpful.

Please remember that this guide has been prepared for informational purposes only and Antalya Homes ® does not provide shipping services for cars. The information in this article was valid at the time it was published. The conditions might be subject to changes due to amendments in laws. Please contact directly with the relevant authorities to get up-to-date and on-point information.

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